Can People See If You Unlike Their Post on Instagram?

It is undeniably true that social media has come to many of us as a boon in the form of a platform. It has given us the power of discovery, which means no matter what you do, if you’re good at it and do it consistently enough, you’re going to get noticed. Take Instagram, for instance. Anyone who has been consistent on the platform for the last couple of years can vouch for how countless models, influencers, painters, artists, and creators have skyrocketed their careers using this platform.

can people see if you unlike their post on instagram

But this doesn’t mean everything on these platforms is warm and nice and cozy and deserves discovery. Some slips happen from time to time, and it is in the best interest of everything that isn’t brought to light.

Have we gotten you all confused? Well, we’re talking about a certain mistake in double-tapping an Instagram post you hadn’t intended to. Ring a bell? For those of you who have been in such instances, the answers to all your questions lie below. Come and explore them with us!

Can People See If You Unlike Their Post on Instagram?

Before getting to what happens when you unlike a post, let’s first talk about liking it. When you like a post on Instagram, be it by double-tapping it or giving the little heart icon a tap, it sends an alert to the Notifications tab of the profile of the owner, telling them you have liked their post.

Now, does the same thing happen when you unlike an Instagram post? No, it doesn’t. Just like Instagram doesn’t send out notifications when you block or unfollow someone, it has no business telling them you unliked their post.

That resolves one problem: no outside source will tell them about what you did. But can people see on their own? That’s a little more complicated.

If by “seeing” you mean they’ll literally see your heart disappearing on the app, then no, they can’t. However, finding it out isn’t a big deal for them. Wondering how? Here’s how.

Remember how they were notified about you liking their post earlier? If they paid attention to that notification, they’d remember that you had liked their post.

Now, if they decide to revisit that post, open the list of likes and check for your name, they’ll realize it has disappeared within seconds. And there’s only one explanation behind that: you unliked their post.

If you know someone who keeps such close tabs on the activity of their followers, well, you’d better be careful about your slippery fingers around their posts.

What if their like count is hidden? Does that change anything?

If you’re someone who spends a significant amount of time on Instagram, you must be caught up with all the new changes and features rolled out on the platform. One such feature rolled out not long ago was of hiding like counts.

This feature was first announced in November 2019, when the competition of who got more likes had washed over the platform, making some budding creators nervous about uploading their content.

The overwhelming pressure of getting more likes was maddening, and thus, Instagram decided to resolve this problem once and for all. This was done by giving users an opportunity to prevent others from seeing the like count on their posts.

Suppose the person whose post you unliked recently has hidden their like counts. Does this mean they’ll not notice one like being reduced? Well, yes, they won’t. But they’ll have access to their like list – visible only to them – and easily check whose name has disappeared if they like to.

What about removing comments from a post on Instagram?

Liking someone’s post by mistake is an understandable error, but commenting on their post? That has to be intentional, right? Even though adding a comment might seem like a good idea at that point, you can always look back at it and think of it as a mistake.

Perhaps the comment appears to be more heartfelt than you intended it to be, or does it seem to have a mocking tone? Well, whatever your reasons behind removing a comment from a post might be, we’re here to tell you that as far as notifying users is concerned, you’re just as safe as earlier.

In other words, the person will not receive any notification from Instagram about the comment being deleted, but if they revisit the post themselves and find it missing, they’ll know it was you. Wondering how? Because only two people technically have the authority to remove it; them or you. And if they didn’t do it themselves, who’s left behind? You!

The bottom line

With this, we wrap up our blog for today. We began today’s discussion by talking about liking posts accidentally and trying to undo them later on. On Instagram, there’s no prospect of sending notifications about such activities. However, if a person was to find out about it, there are other ways of doing that as well.

Is there something else that we can help you with on Instagram? Or any other social media platform, for that matter? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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