Why Do Bitmojis Look in Different Directions on Snap Map?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world today, especially among teenagers. Teenagers between the ages of 13-19 are particularly hooked on the platform, as you can’t walk down one high-school hall without hearing the received snap notification at least thrice.

why do bitmojis look in different directions on snap maps

Even though Instagram and TikTok are currently the leading social networks among teens and adults alike, Snapchat has held third place consistently throughout the years. What has made Snapchat, as a platform, so indispensable to these youngsters? After all, isn’t this platform just a Gen Z-fied, larger version of WhatsApp?

Well, not really. WhatsApp has been compared to Snapchat several times, even though this argument has no basis. WhatsApp falls into the category of messaging platforms with just your contacts. Snapchat can connect you with anyone worldwide, even if you don’t have their contact information.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about a different but just as interesting feature on Snapchat, the Snap Map. If you’ve ever wondered why Bitmojis look in different directions on Snapchat, wonder no more because we’ve got the answer for you! Read on until this blog’s end to learn all there is to know about Bitmojis and Snap Map.

Why Do Bitmojis Look in Different Directions on Snap Map?

If you use Snapchat a lot as a teenager, don’t worry; you’re not quite so different from your peers. One of the most interesting features on the platform is the Snap Map, which shows you the location of your Snapchat friends, should they wish to show it to you.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean everyone can see your location. You need to enable it first and choose whoever you wish to share it with and for how much time.

Anyhow, if you’ve seen the Snap Map, you’ll see how all your friends have their Bitmojis facing in different directions. Why do you think that is? Is the Bitmoji facing the direction they’re advancing in, or is it just the direction of their smartphone?

Well, the answer is none of the above. All users can choose the pose of their Bitmoji on the Snap Map, which includes the direction they’re facing.

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