Why Can’t I Like Someone’s Story on Instagram

The social media business is saturated with social media apps, and there is a tonne of apps available right now for entertainment and education. The social media powerhouse Instagram, though, stands out as the one app that is truly reigning supreme in the sector.  The app initially gained a lot of popularity as a photo-sharing platform. But as of late, it has grown to include a plethora of new features, like the ability to post reels and IGTV content.

why can’t i like someone’s story on instagram

You will note how the app has evolved smoothly through time if you have been a consistent user of this platform for a while. The Instagram app has undergone a lot of changes, from the logo to the addition of interactive stickers and, of course, stories. But we’re here to talk about one of many loyal app users’ queries.

So, are you facing any issues with liking someone else’s story on the platform? If you are, then rest assured you are not the only one dealing with it right now.

This blog is for you if you’re wondering why you can’t like someone else’s Instagram story. Although the issue is distressing, take comfort in knowing that there are solutions available. We hope that you explore the blog in depth to find the solutions.

Why Can’t I Like Someone’s Story on Instagram?

Many social media apps are known to have added the story feature to their platforms since Snapchat pioneered this feature trend. However, these social media apps add new features that enhance their individuality as they grow.

For instance, if we discuss Instagram’s story function, we are aware that we can choose to officially “like” a friend’s story on the platform. The individual whose story you actually liked will just be informed of your like; it is not made public.

But in this section, we’ll focus on one of the frequently asked questions users have lately: Why can’t you like someone’s Instagram story? Please rest assured that there are easy explanations for why it occurs and that it is not a major problem. Check out the sections below to learn more about each one individually and determine which reason suits your account the best.

This feature hasn’t been released in your country

We think that the main reason you haven’t seen the feature yet, despite all the fanfare, is that it hasn’t yet come to your country. You can verify this uncertainty by looking it up online or asking your friends living in the same nation.

Well, this is undoubtedly the case if your friends can also not use the feature. You must remember that no one can help you if this is the case. Therefore, you should only hope that the app makers launch it as soon as possible in your country in order for you to use it.

There are in-app bug problems

Social media apps frequently undergo many upgrades so that the developers can add new features or fix an in-app bug. We think that an in-app bug is also to blame for this problem you are facing.

Shockingly, it is one of the most frequent reasons your Instagram account acts up and doesn’t allow you to like someone’s stories. We understand how annoying it is if we are unable to get rid of it if this is the case.

However, we believe that you should make an effort to visit your respective store to see if an update is available. Kindly update the app if there is one. Additionally, try logging out and then back in again after some time to restart the app.

Your app’s cache can occasionally do more damage than you might anticipate. Therefore, proceed to erase the in-app cache so that you can avoid this issue. We advise you to simply delete the app if none of the fixes work. Install it once more and check to see if the feature works for you this time.

There is an unstable internet connection

We think that poor internet connectivity can also be responsible for this issue. A poor internet connection disrupts the effective working of Instagram.

We all know that slow or no internet will prevent Instagram from functioning. Check and make sure your internet speed is good. Please think about changing your internet connection type if it isn’t. You should wait for the connection to return to normal if changing the type of internet connection isn’t of much help.

Instagram is down

This is another probable reason for Instagram’s failure to let you like someone else’s story on the platform. Instagram occasionally experiences server crashes, and when this happens, either the entire app shuts down, or a particular feature is inaccessible.

So, find out whether or not nearby app users can access the feature by asking them. You can also check the Twitter trending area to see if #Instagramdown is trending. Your only choice is to calmly wait for the app to start functioning once more if your suspicions are true.

In the end

Let’s take some time to review the topics we covered as the discussion has come to an end. We responded to one of the most asked queries about Instagram today. So, we got to talking about why I can’t like someone’s Instagram story.

Well, we provided a number of explanations for why your Instagram might be functioning strangely and why you cannot use the feature. We suggested that it might be because the feature hasn’t yet been made available in your nation. We also explained how in-app bugs might also be responsible for causing the problem.

We then specified that a bad internet connection could be a contributing factor to the issue. Finally, we talked about how Instagram might be down if the problem remains.

We wish you that you can detect the root cause of the issue with your Instagram and resolve it appropriately. Do share the blog with anyone looking for solutions. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts down below.

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