Why Can’t Add Picture to My Snapchat Private Story?

Snapchat is one of the most secure platforms you’ll find. Even though most of us don’t need that much privacy, it’s still nice to have the option, no? Especially so when it comes with the most satisfactory experience and stellar customer service. However, although this is the pinnacle of a good and healthy social media platform, people still find things to complain about. Nothing is perfect, but it can get pretty close if you do everything correctly, won’t you agree?

why can't add picture to my snapchat private story

We’re saying this because, often, it’s us as users who are responsible for the problems we face on Snapchat. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Let us explain.

Most social media platforms have a more or less perfect design, security, and customer service. But users don’t like to use everything exactly how it’s supposed to be: where’s the fun in that? And although it can be accepted to some extent, taking it all the way to self-sabotage is just plain foolishness.

Today’s blog will discuss why you can’t seem to be able to add pictures to your Snapchat private story. To learn all about it, you’ll need to stick with us until the end.

Why Can’t Add Picture to My Snapchat Private Story?

Let’s start with why you can’t add pictures to your Snapchat private story. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to add pictures to your private story. It’s possible that you haven’t created a private story yet, or that you don’t know how to do it.

Well, it’s nothing to worry about. We can tell you all about what a private story on Snapchat is, how to create one, and how to add pictures to it.

What’s a private story on Snapchat?

To begin with, you must understand what a private story is and how it’s used. Otherwise, even though you know all the steps, your content will feel irrelevant or underwhelming to your users.

So, for users new to Snapchat, let us use an example from Instagram. There are three types of Instagram accounts: private, public, and business accounts. The first is a bit more secure, while the other two are more or less the same in terms of privacy and security.

Private accounts for people who only wish to interact with a selected group of people: friends and family, for example. Only the people they approve manually can see any of their content. But this also means that their reach and engagement is also limited to those people.

Public and business accounts are for aspiring/content creators, business owners, and influencers. All the users (who haven’t been blocked) can see the content on these accounts and share it as much as they would like. Their reach and engagement are open to users from around the world.

So, the people who have public accounts also have private things or secrets to post about, right? After all, it isn’t safe to share everything about your life with strangers online.

But they also have friends to whom they wish to show their private life to. For these situations, influencers and creators often create an alternative private account with only their family. But they also have the option to only share that content on their Instagram close friends story.

Close friends story is Instagram’s equivalent of Snapchat’s private story. Users can handpick the users they wish to share this story with and can also create a highlight of it. Doesn’t it sound convenient?

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