What Happens if You Like and Then Unlike Post on Facebook?

Facebook has become an inseparable entity of the online space. However, the founders of the social media giant may not have dreamed of its success when they started developing it from scratch in their university dorm room. The original purpose behind the development of Facebook was to allow students of Harvard University to use their “.edu” email addresses and photographs to connect with other students at the University.

if you like and then unlike post on facebook

Along with his friends, Mark Zuckerberg devised a method of bringing the existing social experience of college onto the internet. He wished to form an online space that could help college students interact with one another.

As an online platform, Facebook provides you the opportunity to stay connected with your friends and follow their regular activities. The platform allows you to share your ideas, upload photos, and videos, and share others’ posts. Once you have posted something on Facebook, your friends will be able to see it on their news feed.

Your Facebook news feed keeps you updated on everything your friends post on the platform. You can keep tabs on what they post, comment on, or share. Scrolling through your feed can be a fantastic experience, or it may not be that great; it depends on the pages you follow and what your friends have been sharing on the social networking site.

If you have been stealthily visiting someone’s account on Facebook, maybe an ex or someone you just can’t get over, you are most likely to go through all of their Facebook posts. So what happens when you accidentally like their post and then unlike it again? Do they come to know about it? We will tell you all about it in the next section of our blog. But let us first get a fair idea of what Facebook likes are.

What does liking something on Facebook mean?

When you click or tap on the Like button below a Facebook post, it lets the user know that you enjoyed the post without leaving a comment. Like a comment, anyone who can see the posted notice that you have liked it. When you like an image posted by your Facebook friend, users who can see the video will notice that you have liked it.

On the other hand, the person who posted the image will receive a notification that you have liked it. Once you like something, this offers Facebook an idea of other related content that you would like to see.

Consequences of liking and then unliking a post on Facebook

When you are going through your news feed, you might unconsciously like a Facebook post. It also happens that you accidentally like posts while stalking someone’s profile on Facebook. This can be embarrassing, particularly when you like an image that was posted on Facebook long back. To save yourself, you end up unliking the post hoping that they won’t find out about it. So, do they actually come to know that you have liked their post and unliked it again?

When you accidentally like someone’s Facebook post, and unlike it immediately, there is a fair deal of chance that they won’t come to know about your activity. Depending on how quickly you, unlike the post, they may or may not receive a Facebook notification. If they are active on Facebook and you, unlike the post after several hours, they will receive a Facebook notification that you have liked a particular post of theirs.

On the other hand, if they are offline or away from their smartphones during the time you liked and unliked their posts, they will not know about your action. Even if the user navigates to their Facebook notifications section, they won’t find out that you had liked their post. This is because the notification gets removed as soon as you, unlike a Facebook post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Facebook send me a notification when someone likes my comment on a Facebook post?

Yes, the moment when a Facebook user likes your comment on a particular post, you will be notified about it in no time.

How can I change the privacy of my Facebook posts?

To change the privacy of your Facebook posts, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and go to the post whose privacy you want to change.

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