What Happens if i Delete My Onlyfans Account?

OnlyFans is no doubt a top-notch platform for creators and subscribers alike. But do you know any apps which people have never deleted? We doubt it, really! It is very human of us to get bored of things. Apps, no matter how interesting, have the same fate. You hardly see a social media account or online platform with no delete option. OnlyFans is no exception, of course.

what happens if i delete my onlyfans account

The delete button is tucked strategically and not displayed on the home page. But it is there somewhere, and we will reveal it in the later sections of the blog.

Deleting, as it seems, is not the primary concern for many platform users. Their main concern is what happens if they delete their OnlyFans account.

Do they lose their data instantly, or it lingers for a while? What happens to our precious messages that hold so many memories? And what about the subscriptions? It is a concern for both creators and subscribers for different reasons!

We have all the answers you need, and it’s high time we clarify these doubts in our blog! Let’s dive in.

What Happens if i Delete My Onlyfans Account?

Let’s cut to the chase:

Multiple things happen in the background once you press that delete button on the OnlyFans account.

Firstly, Your account data will be accessible to you for one calendar month since your account deletion request. Why?

Like many online apps, OnlyFans gives you time to rethink your decision. You can log back in any time you regret your choice. Hence, your data lingers for approximately a month, after which you lose it permanently.

Secondly, messages are a concern for many users. Remember, we addressed the fate of your data, and messages are a part of it.

Your messages are available as long as your account is. Sign in again, hit the DM, and scroll to the specific chat to view them.

Lastly, we’ll address the subscription-related concerns for creators and subscribers. See, the app’s Community Guidelines clearly state that creators with active subscriptions will stay until all their subscriptions have expired. The app doesn’t pressure them with new or auto-renewal of subscriptions.

Subscribers have a complete month to access their paid content, after which everything on their account gets wiped out. However, they will not get a subscription refund. You can contact the OnlyFans support team and address the concern if you want.

Steps to contact OnlyFans support:

Step 1: Visit the OnlyFans Contact Page.

Step 2: Type in your name and email in the designated fields.

Step 3: Next, select a subject from the dropdown list. Select Other from the menu.

Step 4: In the end, you must enter your concern in the box.

Mention your OnlyFans username, the reason for account deletion, and your message here.

Step 5: Tap the send button.

Pro tip: Email the OnlyFans support team at support@onlyfans.com if you don’t get any response using the steps above. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved quickly.

All in all, once you delete your OnlyFans account, you lose everything after the set timeframe (30 days) – your content, messages/interactions, media (photos and videos), payment methods, and subscriptions.

Your account is lost forever, and the sole way to access the platform is by creating a new account.

How to delete your OnlyFans account?

You now know the after-effects of OnlyFans account deletion. Do you still want to tap that delete button? If so, the step guide mentioned below is all yours to use.

Steps to delete your OnlyFans account:

Step 1: First, you must open the OnlyFans app on your device to access your home page.

Step 2: Click on your little profile icon from the lower right corner of the page.

Step 3: Select Settings from the panel.

Step 4: The Account tab is on the Settings page’s options list. Please tap it to proceed.

Step 5: Find the Account Management category on the next page.

Once you find it, go to Delete account.

Step 6: Enter the code for captcha verification and tap Delete account next.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation window stating: Are you sure?

Click on yes, delete, and you’re good to go!

The bottom line

With OnlyFans, there can never be a dull day! The platform is fun-filled and is an absolute time killer. But for some reason, if you think of deleting it, we have explained what happens afterward.

Account deletion on OnlyFans means you lose access to everything you had on the platform. We hope the step to delete your account was also clear to you.

If there are any more OnlyFans-related questions or concerns you’d like us to address, please drop a comment. We will do our best to clear any doubts swirling in your minds. Happy reading, users!

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