What Does “SSB” Mean on Snapchat?

If you ask any social media platform company their current and upcoming marketing strategy or target audience, they’ll undoubtedly say Gen Z. The likes, dislikes, and preferences of Gen Z are running the world today, from politics to society, fashion, education, the internet, and everything in between. As is the case with every generation and social rebirth, there are supporters and protesters of the changes brought about by it.

what does “ssb” mean on snapchat

While most are in support of the changes brought into the world, many people were in support of the British colonization and the World Wars, too. But, in hindsight, we might be able to see how wrong we were. Another important factor is that agreement with the masses is not necessarily the correct or the only option for us.

One of the causes Gen Z is rigorously in support of is the concept of gender and identity. Children are encouraged to choose who and what they want to be, and boy, do they have a lot of options to choose from. While it’s good for people to explore their sexuality and preferences, it’s probably not the best option to start them so young.

As children, we like everything we see. We’re influenced by fleeting feelings, role models, and what we see on TV and social media. It’s unfair to consider any of what we think to be the best decision for us: that’s what parents are for, right?

Anyhow, there’s not much one can do in such situations except hope for the best. Anyway, one thing teenagers can do in moderation which they’re bound to enjoy but not regret, is use the social media platforms designed specifically for them.

In a survey conducted by Snapchat, the best social media platform for teenagers were proven to be Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. This was measured by determining the emotions users feel on these platforms; YouTube and Snapchat elicited only positive emotions in users.

Today’s blog will discuss what SSB stands for in a text conversation on Snapchat.

What Does “SSB” Mean on Snapchat?

If you’re new to Snapchat or pop culture, you might find it difficult to fit in with the cool kids initially. However, humans were built to adapt to far greater things; you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

For example, let’s see what SSB on Snapchat stands for. You might’ve seen this abbreviation on snaps sent to you by your friends, but you’ve got no idea what it means. Well, it’s something far simpler than you’d expect: Send Snap Back.

Today, we’ll discuss how snaps work, where this abbreviation comes into play, and how to use it.

How do snaps work on Snapchat?

You already know that snaps and videos are the primary and preferred modes of communication on Snapchat. However, snaps are much more than that; in fact, the best part of Snapchat is the streaks user create.

When you and another user on your Snapchat friend list send each other snaps daily, you create what’s called a snap streak. It’s created when you consistently send snaps back and forth for three days, and there’s no end limit; at least, not one that’s been discovered yet.

So, coming back to our initial point, when you have a streak with someone, they might send you a snap captioned SSB. This means they’re asking you to send them a snap back to maintain your streak.

The longest snapstreak ever is nearly eight years long as of 2023, so test your limits, Snapchatters!

Friends’ list on Snapchat

Since the concept of snapstreak was not known to you, it’s possible that you might not be familiar with Snapchat’s ultra-exclusive friends’ list. In that case, let us introduce you to its concept, pros, and cons.

The concept of close friends’ list is that it helps users create an inner circle with their best friends. It’s an untold agreement that best friends in real life must be the #1 best friends on Snapchat; otherwise, what’s the whole point?

It labels all your friendships with people based on the amount of interaction between the two of you. If you and another user snap and chat with each other the most, then you’ll naturally be best friends. On the other hand, if your best friend IRL doesn’t interact with you on Snapchat, they’ll just remain your friend on the platform.

Snapchat also sneaks in awkward information, like when two mutual friends share a best friend and when someone’s your best friend, but you aren’t theirs. If you wish to be on good terms with your friends, it’s best to do your research before people start filling in the spot or your top 8.

In conclusion

As our blog draws to its end, let’s check out the topics of discussion for today.

Snapchat is one of the platforms to be completely saturated by teenagers. So naturally, their slangs and abbreviations came with them. Idk, IDC, #tbt, SSB, hmu, ttm, wdym, OG, sheesh, lowkey, slay, queen, and vibe are some slangs used by them almost excessively.

SSB means “send snap back,” which means maintain the streak, LOL. It’s important to keep up with these slangs if you wish to keep up a conversation with Gen Z without feeling 80 years old.

We’ve also discussed the inner workings of snaps, including snapstreaks, and how to create and maintain them.

Lastly, we’ve helped you understand the Snapchat friends’ list. It’s especially important to ensure that this list corresponds with your real-life friends to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

If you’ve still got any doubts regarding Snapchat, don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments!

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