What Does “PMO” Mean on Snapchat?

In today’s world, time is the most invaluable asset one could have. With the facility of having any piece of information right at your fingertips, anything you invest your time in can bring you manifold results. So, it’s not totally unreasonable for this generation to try and save wherever they can. Now, one would say that not using social media altogether is an effective way of saving time, but is it really the right way to go? After all, everything that matters is happening on the social media these days; to be able to walk in stride of the world, you simply cannot turn your back to it.

what does pmo mean on snapchat

All you can do is try to manage the time spent on these platforms creatively to make the most of your time on social media. One of doing that is using acronyms; saying more things in lesser words.

Acronyms is all the hype among the Gen Z, who see it not only as a time-saving trick but also a trending practice to say things in the new way. It is no surprise that they’ve taken quite the liking to the acronym culture and are on their way to dominate social media with it.

It’s all thanks to this generation that you find yourself in situations where you can’t make sense of a message, snap, or status uploaded by someone because it contains far too many acronyms. Once such acronym is “PMO”, being commonly used on all social media platforms, especially Snapchat.

In this blog, we’ll help you make sense of what “PMO” means on Snapchat, and how you can craftily use it on your own. Let’s get started!

What Does “PMO” Mean on Snapchat?

The first thing you need to know about PMO is that it has not just one but two different meanings. Furthermore, the term is used just as commonly in both senses across Snapchat; isn’t that interesting?

Some might say that having two meanings might make the use of PMO even more confusing, especially for the recipient. However, once you’re aware of these meanings, you’d easily be able to guess which one is being used in a particular situation from context. Ready to explore both meanings of PMO? Let’s begin!

The first meaning of “PMO”: Put Me On

The first meaning of PMO is put me on. Before you ask, “put me on in what sense?”, we’re ready with the answer.

The most common situation where Snapchatters use PMO as “put me on” is this phrase:

PMO your SC!

Or, Put me on your Snapchat!

This phrase is just another fancy way of saying “add me on Snapchat,” which you can use when you want to expand your Snapchat network.

PMO can also mean introducing you to someone new.

For instance, suppose you went out with a friend to a club where some of their office colleagues had also joined you people. Through the course of the night, you found one of their colleagues very attractive and wanted them to introduce you to this person. You can simply tell them to put you on with them.

Another sense in which PMO is commonly used across Snapchat is in a musical reference. Users often upload PMO with the albums y’all have been jamming to lately when looking for fresh music suggestions from their fellow Snapchatters.

The second meaning of “PMO”: Pisses Me Off

The second but equally common meaning of PMO pisses me off. Most Snapchatters commonly use it when they’re annoyed, cranky, irritated, or simply not in the mood to talk. While some users consider PMO in this reference a slang, that has little effect on the frequent usage of the term across the platform.

Nothing PMO more than… my sibling, the cat in the neighborhood, or even eating cereals for breakfast.

If you used to find such things written on other Snapchatters’ stories and wondered what they were trying to say, well, you needn’t wonder no more. In fact, you can go ahead and add a couple of PMOs in your own conversation with people and see if it confuses them or makes sense!

The bottom line

With this, we’re ready to wrap today’s blog up. Our topic of discussion today was acronyms and their ever-increasing usage across social media platforms, particularly Snapchat.

The acronym that we helped you decode today was PMO, which is used to express two different meanings on Snapchat. The first one being put me on in reference of new introductions, and the second one being pisses me off theexpresses frustration, annoyance, or simple displeasure.

Above, we’ve also mentioned several instances and examples of where PMO can be used in both references. Is there any other acronym that you struggle to make sense of on social media? Tell us in the comments below, and we’ll be back with their explanation soon!

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