How to Use Whatsapp Business on Multiple Devices

In case you are running a business that needs Whatsapp for communicating to your clients or looking for a way to do it there can be many questions that must be crossing your mind on different points. There are several amazing advantages that Whatsapp Business can provide you and how to use Whatsapp Business on multiple devices might be one of the most wanted information that one can be looking for.

use whatsapp business on multiple devices

After all, no business doesn’t want to permit the team for having access to chat applications at one time. This just doesn’t encourage communication and interaction but also enhances problem resolution speeds. This can also help the buyers to stay in touch with customer support for an improved shopping experience.

So what are the options that one has when we speak of Whatsapp business for multiple devices?

The question does look simple, but the answer to it is a little complex. In this blog, we shall take a look at all of the information that you need. That means the possibility of being able to use Whatsapp business on more than one device, or if there are other possible alternatives to go for.

The solutions that we provide you in this article will helpful for specific kinds of businesses that you operate as well. So let’s begin:

How to Use Whatsapp Business on Multiple Devices

This is the first feature that you should be aware of while you want to access your Whatsapp business account on more than one device. Now the solution is going to depend on the kind of business account that you own.

Here we shall speak of the free app of WhatsApp business and also the WhatsApp business API in further sections.

1. Multiple Device Login for Free WhatsApp Business

There is just one way for being able to use Whatsapp business over multiple devices and that is in case you have WhatsApp Business API and we shall learn more about it later. Unfortunately, the free app comes with its limitations and can be seen as similar to normal Whatsapp messenger in most ways.

Now with this, we mean that it will work in a similar manner where registration has to be with one number and only one person will be able to use it.

WhatsApp says:

For clarifying, the access of Whatsapp account from the web over mobile app can occur with the same account only at one time. You won’t be able to open several tabs in the same account over the WhatsApp web. In case you try to do that you will be prompted with a simple message that says you don’t have the access to do so with multiple devices.

2. Multiple Device login through Whatsapp Business API

In case you are a start-up or business o a small scale you can go ahead with using the free business version. This is because chances are that one person will be able to handle the customer services at a given point easily as the client load isn’t much.

But in case you are observing a way for growing your enterprise, these limitations can cause harm. The only manner in which you will be able to do so is by making use of WhatsApp Business API.

Here the access needs WhatsApp BSP (Business solution Provider) from several options available and one of them that we recommend is WATI.

3. Use Whatsapp Business through WATI

Being BSP, WATI can provide you with access to WhatsApp Business API. This in turn will open a new horizon of excellent client support with better communication possibilities.

In case you don’t know the full form of WATI is WhatsApp Business Account for Team Inbox and Marketing. As one can easily understand from the name, that this will help your team members with multiple client support and to be able to make use of one business account on Whatsapp from multiple devices at one time.

This is certainly one of the famous and useful tools offered by the company and that’s the team inbox that’s multi-agent. It will be a shared space for a chat where the client’s support staff will be able to give access, respond or view the client query at any given point in time.

Not just this, there are options where the team can collaborate, chat and organize in a better way with each other. This can help in assigning tickets and also the specific chats can be saved for easier access.

Apart from being used for multiple devices, there are interesting functions like:

  • Adding customized parameters for contacts/chats.
  • Searching and filtering out chats.
  • Creating faster and specific replies.

Don’t Pay Heed To Rumors on Using Whatsapp Business on Multiple Devices

There are several misinformation and rumors that have been circulating that WhatApp is probably working over making use of the same account over multiple devices. At the moment, please realize that these are what it seems: just rumors.  Will it is true in the future is something that we need to wait for.

As of now, just see them as rumors and apart from being able to use WhatsApp Business API, there is no official way for being able to use Whatsapp business account on multiple devices.

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