Top Mobile Apps for Making Money No Sweat

Are you in the mood to earn some quick cash? Your smartphone will become your loyal assistant in this case. Applications to earn money are rapidly gaining popularity among UK users, but we bet not everyone knows about them. It’s time to change it and download free apps to profit. Have a look at some of them: how could you still not install them?

How to Start Making Money Using Apps on Your Phone

First of all, there is no application that would simply give you money every time you launch it. However, there are many services offering financial rewards for participating in activities or even gaming on smartphones. Below, we’ve gathered these and some other popular mobile phone programs to help you earn some cash.


We are confident every user does online shopping and browses the web daily. It’s time to stop doing all these for free! SwagBucks will reward you for your usual actions with gift cards to Starbucks, Walmart, and Amazon. And, of course, it allows users to receive real cash on their PayPal accounts.

There’s nothing simpler than getting rewards using SwagBucks. Download the app, sign up, and enjoy multiple benefits using the app. What should you do? Nothing special, just enjoy your time online:

  • Use the in-built search engine daily
  • Find some exclusive coupons & discounts
  • Answer questions & pass surveys
  • Play games & make in-built purchases
  • Watch entertaining videos

Every action will bring you points that can be later exchanged for special gifts and money prizes. The best thing is that you can do it on your smartphone!

Agent No Wager

Would you like to gamble a bit to get the chance of winning money? Agent No Wager is the best idea. The casino offers the best conditions to players: have you seen a 1x bonus wager before? The operator boasts hundreds of high-quality games from leading developers and lots of rewards for new and regular customers. And low wager casino bonuses listed on NonStopCasino site are the best for those who would like to withdraw their cash prizes, as the requirements are easy to meet.

How to start earning with Agent No Wager? It’s simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the app and sign up
  2. Deposit at least a minimum
  3. Claim the low-wager reward
  4. Enjoy the best gaming solutions
  5. Meet the 1x wager to get the payout

Lots of fun with the possibility of winning real money attracts users, so why not try your luck right now? Agent No Wager is a perfect option, as it doesn’t imply strict conditions for players.


We bet you go to the supermarket daily – or at least often. Using cashback is one of the best solutions for saving your family’s budget, and there is a lot of information on how to claim cashback on mobile phone. ClickSnap is a great app, as you can receive a part of funds spent both online and offline. Multiple stores participate in the program: users can pay for groceries, clothing, electronics, insurance, and even utility bills. You will definitely find your favourite brands inside the app. Using ClickSnap is easy:

  • Register on the website with a few clicks
  • Check the available deals & pick the best
  • Buy the necessary goods & services
  • Attach the receipt to confirm the purchase

The application allows users to receive up to £400 monthly – imagine how much money you can save. Everyone enjoys cashback in 2023! Just try it, and you won’t even notice how you already saved up for some big purchases.


Passionate gamers will definitely like this app: what can be better than playing and receiving money for your hobby? It’s necessary to reach a certain level to get the desired reward. The choice of games is quite impressive, so just download the app and pick the one you like most. However, remember the Mistplay is available on Android only. iPhone owners will have to search for Mistplay alternatives – fortunately, there are plenty of them.


This is a global app with multiple opportunities to get income. It’s in some way similar to SwagBucks. Different surveys and exciting tasks are waiting for users – and, of course, they will be rewarded with real money. What should you do? Just explore the world and get paid! ySense offers cash for the following:

  • Watching new videos
  • Signing up for various platforms
  • Passing surveys & leaving feedback

The list of offers is constantly updated, so everyone will find a lot of tasks according to their preferences. There are multiple cashout options: you can receive both real money and gift vouchers. The latter include Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, GAP, Mango, Amazon, and many more cards. Payouts can be processed on PayPal, Mastercard, Skrill, and Payoneer. Register, check the conditions, and start earning immediately!

Earning Cash Is Easier Than Ever

Of course, you can make money on Facebook, Instagram, crypto trading, and other serious occupations, but why not take advantage of fun and easy ways, instead? Money-making apps, along with different types of promotions, make for a great addition to your salary (please, not that we do not recommend trying to use such opportunities as a replacement for your job). So, register on the chosen platform, install the app in one click, and get a dozen bucks right away.

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