Top 10 PR Companies That Changed the Industry from 2021 to 2023

In times when companies are closer than ever before to consumers—with their business activities out in the open for public dissection and judgment—working with a reliable, expert-led PR agency is vital for building and maintaining your brand credibility.

Outsourcing your company’s PR activities to a professional agency allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as new products or services, expansion strategies, or growing sales.

Moreover, you can leverage the PR agency’s abilities in developing creative and effective strategies to promote your enterprise, guide your business actions, drive conversation through your brand news, and boost company awareness. And, hopefully, something your company will never need—mitigating negative PR amid business controversies or a public backlash.

The post-COVID era has brought about disruptive changes across industries, including PR, but some public relations agencies have led the way in new trends better than their competitors.

In this article, we present you with the ten best PR companies that have transformed the public relations industry in the past three years.

From domain-expert PR agencies from the technology, finance, healthcare, cleantech, and real estate sectors to companies specializing in branding, issue management, and crisis communication, here is the list of your top invaluable public relations partners.

#10 Finn Partners

Finn Partners’ math for 2022 is impressive—$200 million in revenues, four agencies acquired, and eight more international offices opened.

In the wake of the pandemic, Finn’s health practice has boomed, with a roster of pharma and advocacy clients, specifically in the domain of racial disparities.

#9 Antenna Group

In the past years, Antenna Group has taken part in some notable PR activities in the healthcare sector. Namely, the PR agency helped its client, Roche, promote the advantages of virtual medical care in the post-COVID era.

The agency’s PR work has been a success, as Antenna Group showcased its understanding of the medical industry’s unique dynamics by effectively communicating the benefits of these healthcare innovations.

#8 BerlinRosen

This year, BerlinRosen handled PR for Octopus Energy, Samsung, the Wikimedia Foundation, and streaming company Atmosphere, snagged clients like Audi’s Holoride, Playstudios, and Unity, and continued supporting Sandy Hook families through this year’s verdict.

Moreover, the Observer named the PR agency as the #1 firm for the third consecutive year, thanks to the myriad of activities and projects it took part in.

In late 2023, BR announced their acquisition of Message Lab, a content, data and analytics agency, in order to provide best-in-class owned content and analytics to help BerlinRosen’s clients generate even more impactful results.

#7 Edelman

With a client roster including Dove, Heineken, and eBay, Edelman stands out as a leading public relations firm for prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from crises in the digital landscape.

The agency’s recent collaborations showcase Edelman’s understanding of crisis management—through well-thought-out public communications and effective organizational guidance.

#6 Lede Company

Jennifer Garner hailing one of Lede’s co-CEOs, Meredith O’Sullivan, as “the most trusted woman in Hollywood” is a telltale sign of why Hollywood’s creme de la creme, such as Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Rami Malek, and Rihanna, put their faith into this female-run PR agency.

The PR firm’s extensive experience and expertise in the media, fashion, beauty & wellness, lifestyle, entertainment, music, advocacy, nonprofit, and related industries, makes them the perfect partner for organizations and individuals seeking help in establishing and managing their public affairs, developing and supporting their mission, brand strategy, internal and external communications, social impact, sustainability, and advocacy.

#5 Salient PR

Salient PR earned its status as one of the top PR agencies in tech thanks to its innovative approach to public relations services for startups.

The agency’s founder, Justin Mauldin, has over 15 years of experience running marketing and communications for some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Vanta, and Campaign Monitor.

Salient PR’s innovative approach to tech PR entails avoiding the trick most agencies use—promising a world-class expert team that vanishes post-signing, leaving your company’s PR to be run by junior staff.

Instead, at Salient PR, clients work directly with the founder on crucial PR elements such as strategy sessions, media pitching, and results analysis. In addition, the team is comprised of senior-level freelancers whose involvement in a project can scale up or down as needed.

Thus, Salient PR’s clients benefit from work done by seasoned professionals—work transparently performed and priced, and driving tangible results.

#4 NinjaPromo

A full-service digital marketing agency with PR activities in its list of services, NinjaPromo works with fintech, B2B, and crypto industries from offices in multiple regions internationally.

In recent years, NinjaPromo has showcased its PR abilities during its work for BriteBirch Collective, a global marketing and business consultancy, where it helped establish its position in the Web3.

NinjaPromo’s team boasts an extensive media connections network and loads of experience, as most of their PR team worked in the media industry.

#3 Kite Hill PR

This female-led PR agency specializes in working with tech, media, entertainment, advertising, cleantech, and green tech companies.

Kate Hill PR has developed a unique, adapted agile approach to PR, called PR Sprint, focused on more result-driven PR activities and yielding powerful outcomes to its vast pool of clients, including global brands such as TripAdvisor, BuzzFeedNews, Cisco, Merkle, etc.

The agency further brought innovation to the PR world as its founder, Tiffany Guarnaccia, set up Communications Week.

#2 Montieth & Company

M&Co is a global communications consultancy firm focused on delivering high-value results and helping clients overcome major company challenges.

The PR agency recently showcased its expertise in assisting a European hedge fund subjected to an SEC enforcement action alleging market timing trades and failures of disclosure.

M&Co worked with the fund’s team to understand the facts surrounding the matter, and advised on communications during and post-trial, which culminated in the fund receiving significantly reduced penalties.

#1 Risa Heller Communications

Labeled by the Observer as a “911 line for celebrities in sensitive situations,” Risa Heller’s PR agency focuses primarily on crisis clients.

In the last few years, the agency has helped global giants like Airbnb and Doordash navigate New York State regulatory issues, managed high-profile stories around the investments of the largest NYC taxi company, and led a press campaign advocating for the replacement of a tax incentive program for NYC’s realtors.

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