How to Tell if Someone Removed You From Their Private Story

Snapchat, in general, is a relatively private social media app, and anyone who uses it will agree. There is no public feed, comments, or likes; every interaction you have on this social media app is private.

tell if someone removed you from their private story

The only few things that you can genuinely make public are your location and story if you want. Even with these two features, you have the option to make it private.

Let’s discuss Snapchat stories for now. They are usually our go-to spot when you wish to peek into what’s up with our friends. Photos, videos, memes, you name it, you can find everything in these stories.

You can create private stories if you want to keep your stories reserved for a select few. It adds an element of exclusivity to your stories.

However, today, we’ll address a concern related to these private stories that many users have. Are you also wondering if someone removed you from their private story? Stay tuned as we explore ways to determine whether your instinct is right or you’re simply overthinking.

How to tell if someone removed you from their private story?

According to Snapchat support, friends who can view your private story will see those snaps mixed in with your My Story. On Android devices, private stories and my stories may show up separately.

Let’s get one thing straight: Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t notify you directly when someone removes you from their private story.

However, this little barrier does not mean you cannot discover whether you were excluded from someone’s private story. It’s rather simple to determine whether anything of this sort happens.

Do you want to know how? Below, we have mentioned the ways, so check it out.

Method 1: Check the user’s story settings

If someone has added you to their private story, you immediately know about it when they post one to the private collection. The padlock icon on these private stories on Snapchat sets them apart from the public stories.

You can find out if you feel someone has taken you out of their private story. If you’re eager to learn the steps, kindly refer to the guide below.

Here’s how to go on about it:

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your device and tap the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Navigate to the target user’s profile in the chat interface.

Step 3: Tap and hold the user’s profile icon until a menu pops up.

Step 4: There’s an option called Story Settings. Go ahead and tap on it.  Do you see the option to leave (name of the private story)?

If you don’t, you have been removed from the private story of the said user.

Now, please understand that you must reconfirm this with other mutual friends who you believe were added to that private story collection along with you. Why do we say so?

Well, you must understand that the person removing you from their private story may not be the only reason you can’t see it in the menu. Perhaps they have deleted their private story, which is why you can’t see it.

Method 2: Ask the person directly

You must be thinking that the first strategy we mentioned sounds simple enough.

However, it may occasionally be difficult to determine whether the private story has been deleted or whether you have been removed from it.

So, we propose you question the said user directly rather than going the indirect route and attempting to figure things out. For instance, if you’re still unsure, you may message your friend on Snapchat to find out whether they took you off their private story.

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