How to See Who Am i Following on Twitter

Who i Am Following Twitter: Just off the top of your mind, how long ago do you think Twitter was launched? In general, doesn’t it often feel like Twitter has been around forever? It was here before Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, so it’s natural to feel that way.

see who i am following on twitter

Jack Dorsey, an engineer, proposed the SMS-type blog post format for tweets. He also tweeted the first tweet: “just setting up my twitter,” in March 2006.

Today, Twitter is one of the top social media platforms, with 396 million monthly active users! The official launch date of Twitter is July 2006.

Why do you think Twitter is still at the top in the world of social media platforms? After all, platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are more niched, with a specific target user base. In comparison, Twitter looks like a mix of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Well, while many factors have earned Twitter its place, the most significant of them is tweets. Yep, you read that right. Doesn’t the fact that you could share your most random, funniest, or most creative thought immediately with people around the world seem so intriguing?

And as a reader, you never have to focus or concentrate on anything too much on Twitter, as it favors short-form content over long-form content. The longest thing you’ll read here is a thread, and you still have the option of not opening it.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how to see who you’re following on Twitter. We’ll also discuss a few other related topics. To learn all about them, stick with us until the end of this blog!

How to See Who Am i Following on Twitter

Step 1: Go back to your Home feed. At the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see an icon of your profile picture. Tap on it.

see who i am following on twitter

Step 2: A layover menu will appear. You’ll see your followers and followers at the top of the list. Tap on the former.

see who i am following on twitter

That will take you to a list of all the people you’re following. You can also tap the white Following button if you wish to remove anyone from that list.

see who i am following on twitter

We hope this solved all your doubts!

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