How to See Hidden Mentions on Instagram Story

Instagram is a social media powerhouse for all the best of reasons. This popular social media app has given influencers and companies countless options to grow and reach new audiences. Even regular users enjoy posting on the platform and following communities they are passionate about. So, of course, you should see that there is something on the platform for everyone. And we have to say that this is quite a remarkable feat.

see hidden mentions on instagram story

The app is continually rolling out new updates for its users, giving them something new to explore each time. Therefore, just as you think you’ve mastered the art of Instagram, new features will appear the very next day, and you will start learning how to use them.

So, it goes without saying that once you sign up for this social media app, there is never a dull moment. So, you need to sign up for it if you haven’t done that already.

You can do a plethora of things with this app, like archive your posts or make reels out of your photos or stories, and much more. We are going to discuss how to see hidden mentions on Instagram stories in this blog. Do you believe you can access Instagram’s hidden mentions?

Well, we know you need answers to these questions too. In that case, you should definitely check out our blog if you are as interested in learning about it as we are.

How to See Hidden Mentions on Instagram Story

The Instagram story feature is one of the coolest updates the app has launched on the platform. We all enjoy sharing these hilarious and enjoyable moments with our Instagram followers.

So, whether it’s a birthday post or a congratulations message for a friend’s new job, it goes to our stories, right? Many people love to mention the people who are there in their stories.

But we think none of us here enjoy having to cram our posts with their usernames when we might, instead, fill those spaces with a polite and considerate comment. This is why people love to hide their mentions so that they do not pop up anywhere in the story. But we will talk to you about how to see hidden mentions on Instagram stories in this section.

As the creator of the story

There are times when we post a story that contains numerous mentions of people. However, we hide these mentions because they take up a lot of space when there are a lot of people to tag.  What if you want to review the mentions to see if you added a specific friend or not? Well, you can see the hidden mentions if you are the one who posted the story.

Let us guide you through the steps down below.

Steps to see hidden mentions on Instagram story:

Step 1: Open Instagram on your device and tap on Your story icon present at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

see hidden mentions on instagram story

Step 2: You will see the three vertical dot icons at the lower right-hand corner of the story. Please go ahead and tap on it.

see hidden mentions on instagram story

Step 3: You will see the Add mentions option at the bottom of the menu. Please click on it.

see hidden mentions on instagram story

The individual you’ve already mentioned in your story will be at the very top of the list. Their add mention option will automatically be marked. This indicates that you have already added the person in your mentions.

As a viewer of the story

We saw that you could view who you have mentioned in the story as a creator. Unfortunately, your options as a viewer are fairly constrained.

You are mentioned in the story

You will receive a notification if you are someone who is mentioned in the story, even though the mentions are not visible to you. Additionally, you will get a little story preview in which you are mentioned in the chat box with the person who mentioned you.

You should visit your direct messages in order to view them. The story will be there when you open the chat, along with a link that reads “Add to your story.”

However, you won’t find out if the person who posted the story has other hidden mentions in addition to you. The only way to know that there are other hidden mentions is if they add the post to their story and you follow them.

You are not mentioned in the story

Instagram won’t alert you if you aren’t mentioned in the story. Instead, there are a few third-party apps that people advise using if you want to see such hidden mentions.

So, you can utilize an app if you discover one that’s decent. However, kindly read their review and ask those who have previously used the app for suggestions.

Wrapping up

Let’s talk about the topics we’ve covered so far now that the blog has ended. We discussed how to view hidden mentions on an Instagram story.

We discovered that you could see the hidden mentions as story creators. We have provided you with instructions on how to do it.

The possibilities for viewers, however, are quite limited. We talked about how you can only find out when you are mentioned in the story.

We also discussed using third-party apps to view hidden mentions. So, did we successfully address your query? Please feel free to share your comments down below. Send the blog to anyone else who also requires the answer to this query.

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