How to See First Post on Instagram Without Scrolling

As we all know, Instagram is all about scrolling; to consume any type of content on Instagram, you have to scroll or tap. However, scrolling through Instagram is not a bad option until you have to scroll down numerous times just to find the first post on an account or the earliest post.

see first post on instagram without scrolling

We are pretty sure that at least once in a life, you had wised that god only if there some feature with which I don’t have to scroll hundreds of times to see someone’s first posts.

Well, your wish is heard as we have developed an algorithmic feature you can activate and get the answer to your question of how to see the first post on Instagram without scrolling.

But first, knowing what is the first post? And How does scrolling become a tedious task?

Many of you who haven’t yet encountered the issue of scrolling through thousands of posts would ask these questions.

So to solve any confusion you might have, let’s take an example; you are on Instagram and suddenly see a profile with thousands of posts. Assuming you want to know the account’s first post, you will need to scroll to reach that first post.

It could take hours to reach that first post on Instagram by only scrolling, and who would want to waste this much time? This situation becomes worse if your internet connection is slow.

Even if you have a top-tier internet connection, Instagram will take time to load new posts and take hundreds of scrolls. Now, do the tasks seem tedious to you?

Of course, it is time-consuming and even tedious sometimes, but there is always a solution to such problems, which you can get by reading this blog.

What Is The Best Way To Take A Sneak Peek At Someone’s First Post On Instagram Without Scrolling?

To look at the old post on someone’s Instagram profile, you will have to opt for various methods; some might work well for some, while some may not.

So here, we will take a sneak peek at a few reliable ways of solving the issue, which you can use easily.

#1 Use a keyboard and an object

The use of a computer or a keyboard can simplify your scrolling process. So how can it simplify your process? First, it can help your scroll down without much effort, thus helping you see someone’s first post on Instagram without scrolling.

This method may take a while but will not require much effort. You will need a keyboard and an object to palace on the keyboard.

Follow these steps to execute:

  • Open your browser and visit Instagram
  • Go to the profile of the user you require to scroll through
  • Now you will have three ways to scroll using the mouse scroll wheel, press the space bar or down arrow on the keyboard.
  • Take a paperweight or other safe but heavy object.
  • Place that object on the space key while the Instagram tab is open.
  • Now you can do whatever you like and wait till you reach the old and first post of someone’s profile.

Another similar method of doing it is using the mouse’s scroll wheel. Simply hold the mouse scroll wheel; it will change its icon; now, take that to the bottom of the page you want to scroll, and leave it there until you reach the bottom.

#2 Run a Java code

You may have to do a little complex task that is easy once appropriately applied.

It will include using scripts that will automatically scroll the profile for you and get you to see the first post on someone’s Instagram without you having to scroll.

  • Go on your browser and open Instagram, then right-click and go to inspect or press F12 on that tab.
  • Find and click on the “Console” on the new tab.
  • There you will have to paste this exact code:


  • Hit enter, and the profile will start scrolling automatically. This will take you to the first post in just a few minutes.

The only problem is these methods are only applicable on desktops. So mobile users have to opt for other ways.

So, how can mobile users see someone’s first post on Instagram without scrolling?

#3 Use Third-Party Apps

You can easily find apps that will help ease your process of scrolling; even some app like “Automatic scroll” is excellent for scrolling without much effort.

You must go to your browser or app store to find such apps. Remember that the app on the app store can be paid apps.

Therefore searching on a browser for free scrolling app will be the best choice. You will come across numerous apps. Choose the one that seems trustworthy.

Why Do You See New Posts First Rather Than The Old Ones?

The Instagram algorithm works in your interest. It shows the first post on your feed that you will like instead of the one that is new on the platform.

Would you like your Instagram feed to show the most recent post first?

Here are the few steps that will help you with such complications:

Step 1: Open instgram app on your device.

Step 2: Now on the top left, click on the Instagram logo.

see first post on instagram without scrolling

Step 3: This will lead you to a few new options from which you must choose the “following” option.

see first post on instagram without scrolling

Step 4: In the new feed, you will see the most recent posts from accounts you follow.

see first post on instagram without scrolling


By using these reliable methods, you will quickly achieve your goal of seeing someone’s first post on Instagram without scrolling.

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