Reasons to play Fortnite if you haven’t already

Fortnite is one of the most popular, vibrant and dynamic projects in the battle royale genre, which focuses on cartoon graphics, unique construction mechanics integrated into the shooter and survival mode, the ability to increase your rating, or order its promotion from professionals by clicking on the link – The service provides guarantees for all types of services and provides all the necessary conditions of anonymity.

Every match is a big challenge

Fortnite uses the mechanics of large confrontations, between large groups of players who fight against each other for survival, taking into account the factors of terrain, luck, mastery of construction and the ability to defeat their enemies.

A total of 100 players will be dropped onto the playing area, each of whom will choose a landing point, after which battles of varying degrees of intensity will begin, during which the number of participants will decrease until the phase of less frequent skirmishes and the finale begins, after the playing area has been reduced to a small piece territory, which will become decisive, where the top 1 player will be determined – the last survivor and winner.

It is interesting that the game considers your activity and the fact that you do not occupy top 1, but regularly kill many enemies and reach high positions in the match, then you will be able to qualify for Fortnite Rank boosting in any case, just with victories in games it will be significant faster.

To increase your winning percentage, you need to learn to use resources to build shelters and springboards that will help you quickly enter into battle, or, conversely, avoid it.

If you look at the recordings and streams of popular and professional players, you will see that they, first of all, know how to quickly build barricades and shelters for their hero and even restore them after destruction – the highest peak of skill is to build a shelter, maneuver in it and cause damage to enemies, building back up without receiving damage yourself.

Just pay attention to this aspect of the game as the main feature, so you can immediately start learning the correct gameplay and get a stable Fortnite boost, constantly training your skills.

Design and graphics

Fortnite is one of the most unusual games in the battle royale genre and the gaming industry in general.

First of all, the emphasis is on cartoonish and fun graphics, with many hilarious mechanics, such as the dance bomb, which stuns all enemies that fall within its radius and makes them dance for the entire duration of the effect.

Graphics features can be seen when creating and selecting a character, customizing his skins and appearance features, hairstyles and general gameplay mechanics.

This is also expressed in the basic concepts of conducting matches – jumping, shooting, landing on the territory and the general depiction of the entire location as a whole.

Regular update releases

To ensure that Fortnite boosting is always interesting for you, developers from Epic Games regularly release content updates, game maps, new weapons and ammunition, mechanics and skins for the main character.

One of the most interesting and relevant additions are Aaron Yeager and Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Herald and Yenifer from the Witcher saga, and the list of new, unique heroes is constantly expanding, especially taking into account the release of popular games and TV series.

Society and cooperative opportunities

Fortnite has a separate format for playing matches as part of a team to gain access to boosting in Fortnite.

The rating will differ depending on whether you are playing as part of a group or alone.

The format of a group landing depends on the number of players in your squad – from two to four players.

Game opponents will also play in an equal group and all units will oppose each other and to win it is necessary for at least one of them to survive and win.

Playing as part of a squad opens up many tactical opportunities and interesting gameplay moments.

You can decide together where you will land and hold the first point, where you can get starting loot, which will help you survive the first stage, when the main part of the players is eliminated, and it is determined who will move on to the middle of the game and the final stage of the match.

Events and collaborations with celebrities

Epic Games regularly host matches and events that are closely related to the guest stars.

The concerts of Drake and Eminem gained the most views and peak popularity for Fortnite.

Various events are always an opportunity to receive rewards for gaming activity, and often these are new skins and weapons that will replace standard formats.


Epic Games has implemented the ability for players on different devices to play together.

This means PC, console and tablets with phones, and all gamers will be on the same servers, which significantly increases the number of players who can play together, on the same team, or against each other.

Epic Games did not independently restrict players from interacting with each other, as Rockstar Games did for GTA 5, where players on consoles and PCs cannot play together.

One argument why Epic Games didn’t do this is the reluctance to limit the participants in the matches in any way.

The fact that all players will be in unequal conditions is a very dubious remark, because there are examples of very good games with any type of device.

The second bonus will be the ability to continue playing on consoles, or on smartphones if you don’t have access to a PC. Of course, you may have a drawdown in boosting in Fortnite, but you can get it back when you return to your main device or increase your level of play on a new one.

Free distribution model

You can download Fortnite to your device at any time and begin your progress in the battle royale genre. Most types of weapons and game skins can be obtained by playing the game, and what you need to buy for donation does not affect the game balance and only changes the appearance of the hero.

Most of the characters you will meet in matches will have a unique appearance, and it is these skins that make it possible to achieve the distinctive features of your hero.

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