Navigating Social Media: Staying Safe and Sane Online

Social media is growing like duckweed. Every day, millions of users post zillions of content, which makes social media an easy target for scammers. Besides, in an overloaded pool of information, your mental peace can get compromised. So, how do you ensure that you are protected from all that?

Well, in a world closely stitched with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other similar platforms, it is essential to be mindful of your usage, activities, and reactions. Other than that, below are some useful tips to help you stay safe and sane online. You can opt for a professional essay writing service to do my essay or help you out with other assignments while you implement the below tips to secure your online presence.

To Maintain Safety

Blur Your Personal Info From Photos and Videos

When you are about to upload a picture or a video, examine the background closely. There could be your house number, street info, car’s number plate, personal identity number, or anything else visible in the picture or the video. Someone can easily use such subtle and ignored information to track you, harm you, or impersonate you.

It is believed that hackers and stalkers can easily find out a lot about more than half of the people on the internet using their digital imprints. Hence, be discreet. Always check your media before posting it. If there’s any sensitive information, blur it. Be vigilant just like you stay cautious and check paper writing service reviews first before picking one to order essay from.

Be Cautious of What Info You Share Online

Again, some users’ social media pages display their whole life. From what you eat and drink to where you go for work and how your home looks inside, too much information is available for intruders.

What you share online stays there forever. So, make sure you are comfortable with many people seeing your posts and stories. Sometimes, some posts become meme material and go viral. Hence, think before posting.

Also, since all social media platforms are very interconnected, the reputation you create online matters. Don’t share something that might affect your career or relationships.

Block Suspicious and Inappropriate Accounts

If you pay close attention, you can identify fake and suspicious-looking accounts. There is no reason why a user with a strange username, no display picture, and no real name should follow you. If possible, keep your account private and only confirm the ‘follow’ requests of people you know or wish to connect with.

You should also keep a check on your followers because sometimes, some bots start following your private account without coming to notice. Remove and block such accounts.

Also, if somebody tries to bully you through DMs, comments, etc., or sends inappropriate messages, report and block them immediately. You can hire an assignment writing service to help you manage homework while you secure your accounts.

Use Privacy Settings to Personalize Your Account

Almost all social media platforms allow you to customize your privacy settings for added protection from threats. You can lock your display picture so that nobody can download or screenshot it. On some platforms like Facebook, you can choose who can view your friend list, engage with your posts, and message you. Another important thing to take care of is turning off the location-sharing setting.

To Maintain Sanity

Curate Your Feed

The online world can consume your mental energy and leave you with negative emotions that weren’t even there in the first place. But instead of fearing these outcomes, professional essay writers suggest that you should curate your feed.

Social media algorithms take hints from your activities and update your feed accordingly. So, scrutinize the pages you follow. If any of them is triggering negative emotions, unsubscribe. Also, follow accounts that are wholesome and interest you. It could be nature-related, news updates in the tech world, suggesting fashion trends, etc.

Refrain from engaging with negative content even if it is suggested on your feed. If you don’t engage, the algo wouldn’t recommend that type of account eventually. And yes, reading comments also count as engagement.

Do Digital Detox Once a Week

Social media feeds you a lot of content, which often gets overwhelming. Not only that, the constant updates from different sources, repetitive notifications, the compulsion to like and comment, and the urge to check others’ reactions to your post, are all that keep your brain actively engaged. People often don’t realize, but social media eats up productivity and mental peace and affects eyesight too.

Hence, you must take a digital detox once every week. Set aside a day, preferably a weekend. Go out, meet your friends or relatives, plan a picnic at a nearby spot, relax and indulge in self-pampering, or go shopping in the evening. The best paper writing services will help you manage assignments when you are on a digital break.


Social media has become unavoidable. For some users, it is a source of income. Some use it for personal branding, while for others, it is a place to share life updates and stay connected with friends and family. Whatever your reason is, you should take the above steps to ensure your safety and sanity online.

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