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Most people assume that iPhones are superior to Android devices because of their ultimate cameras. Little do they know that it’s not iPhones’ camera but their processor that’s the real hero element here. While iPhone cameras are undeniably sharp, without a strong processing core, the device would start glitching and hanging in no time. It’s all thanks to Apple’s processor that iPhone users don’t seek to change their phones every other year.

iphone age checker - find your iphone age

In fact, many people are still happily using iPhone SE – that they’ve been using for over five years – even today. That’s the magic of Apple’ss OS!

Now, when you’ve bought your smartphone a couple of months – or even a year ago – you’d naturally remember the time it was bought. But when you’ve been using the same smartphone for years, the details get hazy, and you end up wondering how old your device is even.

Today, we’re going to talk about everything an iPhone user should know to check the age of their phones. Stick with us till the end to know it all!

Find your iPhone age: Using the Serial Number

How many of you are aware of your smartphone’s serial number? Well, because this serial number – while present in all smartphones – is rarely put to use, so we’d understand if you had no knowledge of it.

And since we’re here to help you out with everything you don’t know, allow us to introduce you to the serial numbers. It is a unique number allotted to each smartphone (be it Android or iOS) at the last leg of its production.

Before you confuse it with the IMEI numbers, know that the two are completely different and were meant to serve different purposes. You’ll usually find the former on the box of your smartphone, while the latter is mentioned in your Settings app!

Now, coming back to the subject at hand – if you’re looking to figure out the age of your iPhone because you’re having trouble remembering it, we’ve got you!

We can help you check your iPhone’s age without you needing to dig through old scrap to find the box; all you need is your serial number. As long as you have it, we’re positive one of the four methods we’ll talk about below is going to give you the answer you seek.

Method #1: Try this trick if your iPhone was launched before 2020!

If you don’t seem to have track of when you bought your iPhone, there is a strong possibility that it’s older than a couple of years. If the model you own was launched before 2020, you can check its age using the easiest trick.

Ready to learn all about this trick? Let’s get started!

So, if you’ve checked your serial number, you’d already know that it has 12 characters and comprises of both alphabets and numbers.

Now, if you believe they’re just random characters, you’re gravely wrong! Each one of these characters has a certain meaning attached to it. We’d tell you all about it, but time is of the essence here.

What you need to know – for this trick to work – is that the 4th character (from the left) of your serial number is always an alphabet. This alphabet denotes the six-month period in which the model you’re using was manufactured.

Check out this list that matches each alphabet to the period it denotes:

C – 2010 (second half)

F – 2011 (first half)

G – 2011 (second half)

H – 2012 (first half)

J – 2012 (second half)

K – 2013 (first half)

L – 2013 (second half)

M – 2014 (first half)

N – 2014 (second half)

P – 2015 (first half)

Q – 2015 (second half)

R – 2016 (first half)

S – 2016 (second half)

T – 2017 (first half)

V – 2017 (second half)

W – 2018 (first half)

X – 2018 (second half)

Y – 2019 (first half)

Z – 2019 (second half)

D – 2020 (first half)

Now, go back to your serial number and see which of these alphabets is placed fourth. You’ll get to know the period of your device’s manufacture right away!

Of course, as mentioned above, this trick will only work if your device is older than 2020, i.e., models launched before iPhone 12. Is your iPhone a newer model? Then feel free to move forward to the next trick!

Method #2: The iPhone coverage-checking technique

If you’ve been an Apple consumer for some time, you’d already be familiar with this fact:

All Apple smartphones – or iPhones – are sold with a 1-year coverage of complete hardware repair, along with added technical support for the next 90 days. The customers also have the choice of extending this coverage beyond the first year by purchasing AppleCare+. But the first year offers coverage services for all.

Now, we know you’re not here to check the coverage of your iPhone, but using this trick can kill two birds with one stone. Wondering how? If you still have coverage (without paying for it separately), it’ll indicate that your iPhone hasn’t touched its first year.

The number of months remaining on your coverage will give you more accurate data about how many months old your iPhone is. Isn’t that amazing?

Follow these steps to find your iPhone’s age using the coverage-checking technique:

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to the address bar located in its topmost section. Now, tap on this bar and enter https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ in it. Once done, hit the Search button.

Step 2: You’ll find yourself on Apple’s My Support page next. On the top, you’ll find Check Device Coverage written, followed by two empty fields.

In the first field, you’ll be asked to enter your device’s serial number. In the second field, you’ll have to enter a captcha code displayed on the screen.

Once you’ve entered these details, tap on the blue Submit button at the bottom.

As the page reloads, you’ll find the end result on your screen. This result will show you the expiry date of your coverage.

Method #3: Using the Apple Support App

We know what you’re thinking: How different is the Apple Support app from Apple’s coverage-checking website? Well, not very, considering the task at hand.

However, at times, when there’s a server issue on the company’s end, the web page we talked about earlier might not work properly, but the app will.

You can easily download the Apple Support app from the App Store on your smartphone. Once logged into your Apple ID, this app will display all your Apple devices – alongside their coverages – in one place.

Method #4: Employing the help of Chipmunk Klantenservice

With that, we’ve shared with you all the official methods of finding the age of your iPhone. They’re all effective, but only under specific conditions. If your iPhone doesn’t meet said conditions, you’re going to find yourself back at square one. In our final attempt at helping you resolve your query, we’re going to take you to Chipmunk: Klantenservice.

Klantenservice is a website built in the Afrikaans language. While the contents of this web page might not make much sense to you, it will show you the exact year and week of the production of your iPhone.

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