If You Send Someone a Message on Instagram and Then Block Them, Can They Still Read It?

Instagram is perfect for people to connect and communicate; one of its common functions is to send direct messages, or DMs, to others. This has made connecting with our friends and potential non-platonic interests easier to start a conversation. However, messaging our crush on Instagram can also create anxiety and nervousness. The reasons behind our anxiety when messaging our crush on Instagram might vary. It could be the fear of rejection or not receiving a response. Or maybe it’s the pressure to say the right thing and not sound weird.

if you send someone a message on instagram and then block them, can they still read it

The online nature of DMing also creates a sense of distance and detachment, making it difficult to gauge our crush’s interest or feelings.

These feelings can be overwhelming and can make it difficult to initiate/maintain a conversation. The fear of rejection or miscommunication can prevent us from being our authentic selves and might even make us avoid messaging our crush altogether.

If you’re feeling anxious about messaging your crush on Instagram, several strategies can help manage your anxiety. One is to take a deep breath and remind yourself it’s just a message. Don’t overthink the message and send it without expecting a certain response.

Another strategy is to be honest and direct in your message. If you’re feeling nervous about how to start the conversation, acknowledging it in your message can help to break the ice and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Additionally, remember that rejection is a natural part of life. While it may be uncomfortable or disappointing, don’t let a fear of rejection stop you from taking a chance and messaging your crush on Instagram.

But if you’ve successfully entered the talking phase with them, congratulations! Now, you must be plagued with a new set of harrowing questions about what to do next and how to handle unpredictable situations.

Well, we’re here to help you. Today’s blog will discuss what happens when you block someone after sending them a message. Can they still see it? Can they respond? Well, read on to find all your answers!

If You Send Someone a Message on Instagram and Then Block Them, Can They Still Read It?

Let us first tell you the direct answer: it depends on whether or not the message was delivered when you sent it. We understand that this sounds complicated, but it makes all the difference. A delivered message will be visible, while an undelivered message will disappear.

First and foremost, let us briefly discuss what blocking someone on Instagram means. Blocking someone means they can’t see your profile, posts, or stories. They also won’t be able to find you through the search function. Essentially, it’s as if you don’t exist on Instagram to them anymore. But how to know what happens if you send them a message before blocking them?

If the message has not been delivered, the recipient won’t see it after you block them. This is because the messages remain pending until they’ve been delivered. Once you block the recipient, the message won’t be delivered, and therefore, they can’t read it.

But if the message has been delivered before you block them, they’ll still see it. This is because the message has been sent to their inbox, and blocking them after won’t retract it.

Even though the recipient can see the message, they can’t respond. Once you block someone on Instagram, they can’t send you any messages or reply to any of yours.

Another thing: even if the recipient can see the message after you block them, they won’t see any future messages you send. Blocking someone means they will no longer receive messages from you, regardless of whether they have been delivered.

Here’s how to block a user on Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Enter your credentials to log in to your account.

Step 2: Navigate to the user’s profile that you want to block. You can search for the user’s name in the Instagram Search bar at the screen’s top.

if you send someone a message on instagram and then block them, can they still read it

Step 3: Once you’ve found the user’s profile, tap the three dots at the screen’s top right corner of their profile.

if you send someone a message on instagram and then block them, can they still read it

Step 4: From the dropdown menu, select Block. A confirmation message will ask you if you’re sure you want to block the user will pop up. Read through the message and tap Block again to confirm.

if you send someone a message on instagram and then block them, can they still read it

Step 5: Once you’ve selected your reason or skipped the previous step, tap Block to confirm your decision. This will immediately prevent the user from being able to view your profile or interact with you on Instagram.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into some common scenarios and how they play out.

You send a message, and it’s delivered, but you block them before they read it.

The recipient will still see the message even after you block them. However, they won’t be able to respond or receive any future messages from you.

You send a message, but it’s still pending, and you block the recipient.

The message will never be delivered, and the recipient won’t see it. Blocking them before the message is delivered ensures they will never receive it.

You send a message, the recipient reads it, and you block them.

The recipient will see the message, but they won’t be able to respond to it, nor will they receive any future messages from you.

You send a message, and it’s delivered, but the recipient blocks you before they read it.

In this scenario, you can’t know if the message was read because the recipient blocked you. But the message will still be in their inbox, and they can see it if they ever unblock you.

In the end

Instagram is very careful with its users’ security and privacy. Almost all situations you find yourself stuck in have been carefully analyzed and solved by Instagram. Even though it might look like a dilemma, your question has a clear answer.

If you don’t know what’ll happen when you block someone on Instagram after sending them a message, we can help you. The simple answer is it depends on whether or not the message was delivered. If it were, they’d see it even after being blocked. If it wasn’t, then they won’t be able to see it.

We’ve also laid down a comprehensive step-by-step guide on blocking someone on Instagram. Lastly, we’ve discussed some scenarios that might resemble the one you’re in.

If our blog has helped you, do let us know in the comments!

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