If You Screenshot Someone’s Snapchat Story and Unfriend Them Will They Know?

Snapchat is one of those platforms that internet users either love or hate; there’s no in-between. And if you think about it, it makes sense why this happens. Snapchat is a highly secure platform with privacy features made to protect users from other users. Moreover, Snapchat has been rightfully claimed to be a place for teenagers and young adults first and foremost. Bother of these reasons have led a whole group of internet users against it. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

if you screenshot someone's snapchat story and unfriend them will they know

Snapchat might seem a little adolescent and problematic at a glance, but if you’re interested in using it, you’ll realize it’s quite fun. And does fun have any age limit and privacy restrictions?

Yes, Snapchat can come across as a little silly with all the bitmoji stickers and funny friendship profiles, but that’s what makes it different. We’re all struggling and working in our ways; why not keep this small joy for ourselves? Also, once you sign up, you’ll find it extremely exciting to prepare your bitmoji and showcase your style.

As far as privacy is concerned, trust us when we say you’re better off with it. It might be a little inconvenient not to know the exact identity of someone like you can on Instagram, it’s still much better for you.

Snapchat privacy goes both ways: if you don’t know them, you also have the option to hide from them. Where else do you get to be so private without coming across as creepy and unapproachable?

And, of course, the platform itself is built on quite a unique concept: sending one-time-only photos and videos to your friends similar to your life updates. It’s refreshing, cool, and fun. If you’re a regular user, you’ll also be rewarded with a streak!

Today’s blog will discuss whether you can hide the fact that you’ve screenshotted someone’s Snapchat story by unfriending them immediately.

If You Screenshot Someone’s Snapchat Story and Unfriend Them Will They Know?

Let’s get straight to it: if you screenshot someone’s Snapchat story and unfriend them, will they know? The simple answer is yes; they will. Even though they aren’t your friend anymore, they can still see all actions taken on their Snapchat story.

If you’re in this situation, an ideal course of action would be to straight-up block them since that will achieve what you want. But bear in mind, that’s not without its consequences.

We know you might feel a little confused right now, so don’t worry; we’re here.

Here’s how you Remove as Friend on Snapchat

Step 1: Open Snapchat and go to the Chats page.

if you screenshot someone's snapchat story and unfriend them will they know

Step 2: Locate the user you wish to block and long-press on their chat.

if you screenshot someone's snapchat story and unfriend them will they know

Step 3: On the pop-up menu, tap Manage Friendship and then on Remove Friend.

if you screenshot someone's snapchat story and unfriend them will they know

However, as we’ve said, this won’t help you hide the fact that you’ve taken a screenshot of their story. You only have two options to deal with the situation at hand: you either block them, cutting off all contact effectively. Or, you do nothing and see what happens.

Blocking someone is highly efficient, no matter which social media platform you’re using. But it also means that blocking is a ruthless move, only reserved for those we don’t care for.

When you block someone you’re close with for no reason, that’s not a good look on you. Not only is it rude and hurtful, but it also paints you as an immature child-person. Instead of just not caring about something as trivial as a screenshot, you’d rather block them out of the blue.

Moreover, you will have to unblock and add them to your network again. Now, it’s for you to decide which confrontation you’d rather face: taking a simple screenshot or blocking and unblocking for no reason.

Whatever your reply will be in the event of you choosing the latter option, they will feel a little hurt. After all, it’s quite possible they didn’t even care about the screenshot, but they will be upset that you think of them as problematic.

So, our suggestion would still be to avoid blocking of any sort. But if you still wish to go that way, we can’t stop you.

To block someone, follow the steps from the last process, but instead of tapping on Remove Friend, go ahead with Block.

Now, they won’t find out that you had screenshotted their story. But there’s a good chance you’ll soon wonder if this was even worth it. Your second option is to ignore it. So what if you took a screenshot of it? After all, it is a simple screenshot of something they shared with you out of their own volition.

Moreover, it’s not like you’ll be sharing that screenshot worldwide, right? If they decide to confront you over this, and it’s a big ‘if’ because they probably won’t, just tell them as much. You can also take it a step ahead by DMing them yourself with an excuse as to why you took a screenshot.

Maybe it was an accident, or you liked their outfit or something in the background and were planning to get one, too. It’s important that you clear the air and make them feel comfortable without blocking them or removing them.

In the end

At the end of today’s blog, we’d like to start by saying that Snapchat is a great platform, if sometimes a bit confusing. That being said, it is possible to get caught in its privacy web, so it’s best to steer clear of all such situations.

If you’ve screenshotted somebody’s Snapchat story, they will find out about it. However, unfriending them is not a good idea, nor will it change anything; they’ll still know what you did.

Blocking them is a slightly more efficient idea from a purely theoretical point of view, as it will hide your action. But doing this will instead land you in an even bigger pickle than the one you’re in. You’ll end up upsetting yourself and them, so steer clear of any actions like blocking and removing.

Instead, let it be and tell them it was a mistake IF and when confronted. You can also go ahead and let them know what happened on your own to build some credibility.

If you have any questions about our topic for today, we’re all ears! Let us help you in the comments below!

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