If You View Someone’s Instagram Story and Block Them Will They Know? (Explained!)

Instagram is a large social media platform, well known for its aesthetic design and out-of-the-box but useful features. With the rising levels of personal entertainment on Instagram between influencers, memes, and reels, people forget the platform’s main purpose: connecting with friends and family. Who was the first person you followed on Instagram, and your first follower? We’re willing to bet that the answer to both was one of your friends.

if i view someone's instagram story and then block them, will they know

Although there are many parts of our lives that we cannot replicate online currently, friendships, dating, and relationships are certainly not one of them. Humans are social creatures, and not much can hold back that inherent need for attachment.

It certainly helped to know that you can talk to almost anyone and everyone on Instagram. If it doesn’t work out, you can either part on amicable terms or block them, and you’ll never see them on Instagram unless you wish to. This level of freedom gave a new sense of security to the people looking to interact with strangers on the internet.

And although we approve of Instagram’s user safety provisions, we aren’t entirely sure if it’s a good or bad thing. This is because this security can also make people do things they would never do otherwise, things that are disturbing and inappropriate.

Don’t worry; Instagram solved that issue by adding the Report feature, and the customer service on the platform is always there to resolve any serious problems.

Moving on, let’s say that you made a new friend on Instagram, and the two of you hit it off immediately.

However, they soon stop replying to your messages that often, and you realize that they don’t really like you as much as you like them.

Reluctantly, you start pulling back because no matter how much you like them, it isn’t worth your self-worth and respect; you’re a prize, too, after all.

A few months after this incident, you stumble upon their account and see that they’ve turned it into a public account. As you check out their profile, you accidentally click on their story, which they posted only 3 minutes ago!

Horrified, you’re already thinking about what they’ll think when they see your view on their story. At the very least, they will think of you as desperate and creepy for cutting off contact and then stalking their profile!

As a last-ditch attempt, you think about blocking them so they cannot see your profile. Do you think it’ll work? Read on to find out!

If You View Someone’s Instagram Story and Block Them Will They Know?

By now, we know you’re eager to find out if they’ll be able to see that you viewed their story even after you’ve blocked them.

Well, don’t worry; we come bearing good news!

If you view someone’s Instagram story and block them, they won’t be able to see that you viewed their story. After you block someone on Instagram, they cannot see your profile anywhere, including their Instagram story views. However, make sure you block them before they’ve had a chance to see their story viewers’ list, or all this work will be for nothing.

Also, remember to unblock them after a day or two, or they might find out you blocked them. And though it might not matter much to you right then, it’s not preferable to make an enemy for no reason; you don’t know when you might need someone.

If you’re new to Instagram or just having trouble navigating your way around the platform, we’ve got you. Read on to learn how to block and unblock a user on Instagram.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen on your Home page, You’ll see five icons. Tap on the icon to the right side of the Home icon, which will be a magnifying glass.

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