If i Hide My Story on Instagram Will the Person Know?

We live in a world of cameras and pixels, where anything we see becomes a matter of whether it’s Instagram-worthy. Each shot is a potential story we wish to share with the little community we build online. Our community is ready to devour whatever we bring to our Instagram stories. Of course, we have posts, too, but today, we discuss stories that convey so many diverse stories that posts that live on our profile occasionally fall short of properly capturing.

if i hide my story on instagram will the person know

Our stories have everything from travel adventures and cozy nights spent snacking and binge-watching Friends to having a good time at the club. However, posting stories for the world to see doesn’t mean we can’t wish to be more discreet, right?

Let’s come back to why we’re here today! Users have expressed worries and have questioned whether the person will know if they hide their story on Instagram.

Are you ready to learn some answers? Stick with us until the end to get all your answers.

If I Hide My Story on Instagram Will the Person Know?

Let’s get this clear: If you hide your Instagram story, no one will ever know—at least not directly. You might be wondering what we mean by this statement.

Allow us to break this down for you to understand it even better. Here’s the thing: Instagram has a Hide Story from feature in place that allows you to hide your stories from different people.

We’re sure every one of you is aware of that! Now, the app won’t alert users that you’ve hidden your stories from them because doing so would be a blatant violation of the feature’s intent!

But have you ever found yourself posting anything on Instagram and then getting a call from a friend saying they saw it? The dilemma is that this is the same friend from whom you hid the story. Pretty puzzling, right?

You could assume that it’s a bug or that Instagram is now notifying users about it. But, hey, that’s not the case! There are several explanations for why the other person still knows that you’ve shared a story even though you’ve hidden it! Why not learn more about them by reading the parts that follow?

Someone told them about the story

Yes, that’s right, somebody snitched on you, and it’s high time you catch the snake in the crowd. If you’re sure you have hidden the person from viewing your story, no one can view it.

Tell us, do you have mutual followers on Instagram? Perhaps you and the person you hide your story from belong to the same circle of friends.

Well, you must inquire about this to these mutual friends and see what they have to say. Remember, making assumptions is easier if you have a private account.

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