If i Favorite Tweet on Twitter Will it Shown to My Followers?

Twitter is a social networking site where real, unfiltered interactions are the beat of the platform. Do you know what exactly has made the app so captivating? It’s the platform where people feel free to express their thoughts. Every tweet you post can start a conversation, whether discussing the latest viral stories or starting a fan war for your favorite musicians or idols! We’re sure being a part of a Twitterverse, you already know the drill.

if i favorite tweet on twitter will it shown to my followers

Imagine scrolling through your feed in the morning and coming across a pure gold tweet. Obviously, you would want to hit the like button to show your appreciation.

But suddenly, a question pops up in your mind: if I favorite tweet on Twitter, will it be shown to my followers? Now, everyone here is curious about that, so let’s dive into the blog to find our answers, shall we?

If I favorite tweet on Twitter will it shown to my followers?

No, a tweet you like or favorite on Twitter does not instantly appear to your followers. Simply said, when you like a tweet, it is added to your likes tab.

Regarding the notification alert, we would like to clarify that your followers will not receive a notification about the tweets you like, nor will it show up in their timelines on Twitter.

Just so you know, likes on Twitter don’t work like retweets do. Retweets are public, and your followers can see them on their timelines. However, even though likes aren’t as public as retweets, it’s not as private as many assume.

We mentioned earlier that the likes usually get added to the likes tab, right? Well, yes, the platform has an entire section dedicated to your liked tweets, and anyone can get access to it if they have a public account.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Open Twitter and ensure you are logged in.

Step 2: Navigate to the person’s account whose likes you want to see.

To do so, you can use the search icon and enter their username or look them up in your followers/following section.

Step 3: Once you enter their profile, you’ll see 4 tabs, namely, Posts, Replies, Media, and Likes.

Go to the Likes tab.

Here, you’ll see all the tweets the person has favorited or liked from their Twitter account. Scroll down to see all the liked tweets.

How to hide likes on Twitter?

Well, it feels uncomfortable if your likes are that public, right? So, if you describe yourself as a private person who doesn’t wish to advertise their likes, you don’t necessarily have to.

Although we can’t do much about it, some measures you can take might help you. Do you want to know about them? Let’s discuss them one by one below.

Make your Twitter account private

Yes, making your Twitter account private is your best bet! How so? Let us tell you!

So, here’s the thing: once you make your Twitter account private, users who don’t follow you cannot view your likes tab like they can do if you have a public account. Your posts and activities on a private account are protected.

If you don’t believe us, just look at any private Twitter account! What do you see?

We’re sure the likes tab is invisible here, right? Yes, that’s what we were talking about.

Use a secondary Twitter account

So, you’re a public person with thousands of followers waiting for your everyday tweets? It’s a bit difficult to make your account private, but what about those anime memes you really like and can’t help but favorite?

Imagine your ardent fan on Twitter noticing you crushing on Sasuke from Naruto and telling people about it. Of course, it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about, but wouldn’t it be better to separate your public persona from your private life?

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