How to Get Unbanned from Bumble

For all lonely folks wanting to kickstart a relationship, platforms like Bumble have always served as the last rays of hope in a world where online relationships seldom go anywhere in the real world. Over the years, Bumble has become a go-to place for people who want to strike up a relationship with someone online. Unlike other platforms of the like, Bumble is more than just a dating app. It not only offers a means to start a romantic relationship between mutually interested people but also has a separate place for those who just want to be friends!

get unbanned from bumble

No matter what you want to use Bumble for, you are in for an amazing experience on the app swiping people right and left, getting matched, and, if everything goes well, even landing on an all-new romantic relationship with just the right person!

However, your experience on Bumble can suddenly crumble if you get blocked from using the app. And no matter how much you miss the app, there doesn’t seem to be any way to get back to your account.

This blog will tell you everything about Bumble bans. You will learn which activities can get you blocked on the platform and how you can get unbanned from Bumble, if possible. Hang on till the end to know more!

Which activities can get you blocked on Bumble?

Bumble is a cool place to find friends and partners online. But when it comes to deciding what can and can’t be done on the platform, Bumble remains as strict as it can be.

The platform has well-defined guidelines every user must follow for an uninterrupted Bumbling experience. And if anyone violates the guidelines, they are bound to be blocked. In other words, violating any community guidelines is enough to get you blocked on the platform.

Here are some of the activities that can get you blocked on Bumble:

Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior

Respect lies at the foundation of every relationship. And at Bumble, you are expected to respect everyone you chat with. Chatting with your match in a rude, disrespectful, or inappropriate manner that can potentially be offensive in any way can result in your account getting blocked.

Note that “disrespectful and inappropriate” doesn’t only mean sending hateful remarks or rude and abusive messages. Any sexual, racial, ethnic, community-centric, or bodily remarks that seem completely casual to you might not seem the same to Bumble or the other person. As a thumb rule, never send any potentially-inappropriate texts, emojis, GIFs, pictures, or anything else without consent.

get unbanned from bumble

To understand what type of communication can violate the guidelines, read this article.


“Say no to spam.” is the unsaid rule of the online world. Sending the same irrelevant messages to multiple people repeatedly without their consent will put you in trouble everywhere– not just on Bumble. You are expected and encouraged to start a conversation with something of your own.

If you send spam messages to your matches, you can get a warning or even get kicked off (blocked) from the app pretty easily.

Trying to use Bumble as a follower-grabbing tool

You haven’t come to Bumble to grow your Instagram following, have you? If you think that Bumble can help you get some followers for your other social media accounts, you are indulging in a big mistake.

Naturally, Bumble expects you to do the things the platform offers and not try to promote your personal activities on other social media platforms. Adding social media links to your Bumble Bio can block you.

Commercial or transactional activity

Bumble is a place to make valuable connections and grow relationships. It’s not a place for doing any commercial activities, including brand promotions, selling and endorsing goods or services, asking for monetary support, sending payment links or invoices, or sending any other transactional message.

Illegal activities

Needless to say, any kind of illegitimate activity on Bumble can get you kicked off right away without a second thought. Indulging in any illegal activity in any way violates the platform’s community guidelines and can get you banned from using the app.

So, make sure not to use Bumble for buying, selling, promoting, or soliciting illegal goods or services– you won’t be tolerated if you do that.

These are five of the most commonly violated guidelines that lead to kick-offs (blocks) on Bumble. Click here to read all the guidelines in detail.

How to get unbanned from Bumble?

We won’t give you false hopes. If you have violated one or more of the above guidelines of the platform and have been blocked, there is no way you are going to get your account back. Bumble is quite strict when it comes to ensuring a safe and sound environment on the platform, and it doesn’t tolerate any violations that disturb that environment.

Nevertheless, mistakes can creep into the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. So, if you think your account was banned on Bumble by mistake, you have a fair chance of getting it back.

The solution is to contact Bumble Support and ask them to conduct a review of your account ban. Here’s how you can get unbanned from Bumble:

Step 1: Open your browser and visit

Step 2: On the Contact Bumble page, choose the last option under the subhead Step 1 of 2 that says: See why I was blocked.

Step 3: Enter your name and email address registered on Bumble.

Step 4: Under Bumble Mode, select the option that applies to you: Date, BFF, or Biz. Then choose the right platform where you use Bumble: Android, iPhone, or web.

Step 5: Under Step 2, describe your issue in detail, describing how you have been blocked without violating community guidelines. Include the date and time since you have been blocked and any other detail you deem important. You can also attach the screenshot of the message you see while logging in.

Step 6: Tap on Send Message. Enter the captcha in the box provided, and tap on Send Message again. Your message will be sent, and you will receive a response within 24-48n hours.

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