How to fix “This person isn’t receiving messages right now” on Messenger

Facebook Messenger is without a doubt the tool that has revolutionized the way we communicate and go about our daily lives. The platform has been providing its users with excellent services operating as a stand-alone app for many years.

this person isn’t receiving messages right now

Everybody is aware that social media apps often alter their settings to give their users additional features. But occasionally, problems can arise as well. There are sometimes malfunctions on social networking sites. Today, we’re going to speak about a problem that Messenger users have grumbled about lately.

Have you ever come across a message stating This person isn’t receiving messages right now on the platform?

Well, we are guessing you have! This pop-up warning will undoubtedly give you migraines if you have a critical situation to discuss with a friend on the app. Moreover, they are certain to fry your brain if the issue persists and you are unable to discover a suitable solution.

But you cannot fire your shots without first understanding how the issue came to be, don’t you agree? So, let us quickly guide you in identifying the issues and looking for solutions that will assist you to fix them.

How to fix “This person isn’t receiving messages right now” on Messenger

1. Is your Messenger app updated?

Social networking software frequently updates and gives alerts for the same reason. You must keep up with these new Messenger upgrades if you want to stay on top of the platform. So, we urge you to check for them if these issues continue each time you send a message to a recipient.

You can fix these minor quibbles by searching for updates for Messenger in the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once the app has been successfully updated, check to see if the problem has been resolved.

2. Check if they have blocked you on Messenger

Although blocking someone on Messenger is common, the thought of being the victim is upsetting. It can make you feel much worse if you don’t know why you’ve been blocked.

Social media is meant to unite people, but sometimes that’s not possible. This is why the blocking tool comes in handy. We know that blocking offers platform users some protection against users, they don’t wish to interact with.

Naturally, this prevents someone from messaging them. If you experience this error each time you attempt to message a friend or coworker, it’s possible that they have blocked you.

Thus, we think that if the user who blocked you unblocks you, the problem we are discussing can be resolved. Therefore, try connecting with them in other methods and request that they unblock you.

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