How to Find Out if My Husband Had or Still Has a Google Voice Phone Number

Suspicions and uncertainties are difficult to deal with! However, they are even more challenging if they involve someone you care about. If your husband has or still has a Google Voice number, there are tricks and tips involved to find the truth. Although it’s difficult to imagine, they could be using it for legitimate purposes. Perhaps your husband is a shrewd businessperson who wants to keep their personal and work lives distinct or a fun person just wanting to pull a quick prank on someone. Remember, there are many different reasons they use the Google Voice number.

find out if my husband had or still has a google voice phone number

Before we move further, you must understand that communication is the key. Building trust and understanding in your relationship requires having frank heart-to-heart conversations with them.

With that in mind, we’ll further explore this topic in the following parts. So, make sure to read it below.

How to Find Out if My Husband Had or Still Has a Google Voice Phone Number?

There are several methods to check if your husband is using a Google Voice number, whether you choose a direct approach or wear your detective hat. So, let’s get started with some reliable techniques below.

Method 1: Discuss it with your husband

Whether your spouse uses a Google Voice number or not, honest discussion or confrontation is undoubtedly one method to handle the matter. But remember, it’s important how you handle this situation.

It might be tempting to confront your partner immediately if you’re irritated. But it’s crucial to address this concern with understanding.

Think about whether you have a specific concern or are simply not trusting them. You can approach the topic better if you have a greater understanding of your own sentiments.

Method 2: Spying on phones

Spying on someone’s phone is a sneaky method. So, you must obviously be discrete.

We know that you are not asking for permission from your husband. However, you must use proper techniques to grab and inspect their phones to look out for unusual chats pointing to using an unknown number.

You need to seek the Google Voice or Hangouts app logo. The texts they send and receive will be visible when you open these applications. You can check the call log to see if any shady or suspicious calls are recorded. It can indicate that your husband is using a different phone number.

Method 3: Reverse phone lookup tools

Do you have any experience with reverse phone lookup tools? These tools let us learn more about a person, and many options are available when searching for one.

These tools allow you to check phone numbers and obtain further information about them, such as whether or not they are Google Voice registered. Enter the phone number into these third-party apps to see the results.

It might sound easy to your ears, but it’s definitely not. Sometimes you need to thoroughly explore the numbers to get a hint since the purpose of using Google Voice number is to maintain anonymity.

You can go with tools like BeenVerified or Spokeo. These tools will search their database extensively and provide the desired result.

Method 4: Check his email addresses

You will be surprised to learn that someone’s email address might reveal all or a lot of their secrets. Yes, it is another way to see if your husband is using Google Voice. You could be asking yourself, “How?” Well, you should check your inbox for Google confirmation notifications.

You can also use your husband’s email or Gmail address to access their Google account and try to find their Google Voice. If you’re lucky, you might be able to open the app.

Method 5: The call screening feature for Google Voice

You can try calling your husband if they use Google Voice number. Does the operator ask you to say your name? Well, it is one of the dead giveaways that they’re using a Google Voice number.

Do you know what the call screening feature is on Google Voice? This built-in feature screens the caller and maintains the user’s privacy and security. It does not allow just anyone’s call to reach the user.

However, this method is bound to fail if your husband is smart enough to disable the feature. In that case, you must move to the next method.

Method 6: Run a Google search

Google search is the most general technique to uncover your husband’s Google Voice number. Although it may be a long shot, you must attempt this approach.

Simply type your husband’s Google Voice number inside quotation marks to see the results. You can also give it a shot by including your partner’s name and Google Voice number and see what results it produces.

The bottom line

That’s a wrap, folks; we have reached the end of our discussion. Allow us a minute to reflect on the topics we have discussed.

Remember, one of the key advantages of keeping a Google Voice number is that it allows you to preserve some level of anonymity or hide your true identity. Consequently, tracking them is a little more difficult than regular phone numbers. But we hope the six methods will give you the answers you seek.

Do you have further inquiries about the topic? Please feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll do our best to ease your doubts or answer any questions you may have.

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