How to Find Discord Account by Phone Number

Do you wish to connect on Discord after meeting someone awesome that you can’t resist? They may set up exciting game sessions or entertaining movie nights to keep your adrenaline pumping. Whatever the reason, Discord does provide a way for users to connect with one another, so you’re in luck.

find discord account by phone number

We have had several users questioning how to locate a Discord account by phone number. Whether this is a possibility and, if so, what actions should be taken are two crucial questions, don’t you think?

Well, today, we have the answers, so let’s get started.

How to Find Discord Account by Phone Number?

You’re in for a treat if you’ve ever wondered how to contact someone on Discord using their phone number. We’ll look at a number of methods in the sections that follow to assist you in finding Discord accounts, both with and without phone numbers. So, continue reading if you’re ready to give these methods a try!

Method 1: Find a Discord user with their phone number

Finding someone on Discord becomes rather straightforward if you have their phone number saved in your contact list. How does it work?

Users of Discord are able to link their phone numbers to their accounts, which makes locating people quite easy and convenient. Let’s go through the steps listed below if you’re interested in learning more.

Steps to find someone on Discord with their phone number:

Step 1: To begin, please navigate to the Discord app on your device.

Step 2: Enter your sign-in details, which include your Email and Password.

Step 3: There’s a Friends icon at the lower area of the screen. Please go ahead and click on it.

Step 4: Can you see the Find Your Friends option at the top of the Friends page? Tap on it.

Step 5: Tap on the Get Started button and select Allow. Following this step will give the app permission to access all your phone contacts.

Step 6: Now, you must type in your phone number and hit the Next button to continue.

Now, Discord will give you the accounts list that matches the numbers in your phone’s contact list.

There are other options you can attempt if you are unable to access their Discord account via phone number. Read the sections that follow to find out more about them.

Method 2: Use the power of social media search

We’re all used to the power social media platforms hold, right? Well, we’re going to tap that power and use it for our help.

How? Well, this approach uses a robust social media search feature to find people. You don’t need to use a username to search on all social media platforms; you can just as easily use someone’s real name. Major social media platforms give you successful results with the real names of the people.

For this method to be effective, you must locate the search icon to enter the user’s real name on all of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After that, click the search button to see what these platforms’ results look like. Once you are crowded with the results, make sure to cross-confirm their profiles across different platforms and look for the DM option they have.

You must be polite in your approach while asking the person about their Discord username and tag number. See if they reply when you express your excitement for playing games or watching them stream.

It’s not a good idea to continually flood them with messages, so don’t do it. Instead, wait for them to get in and read your message before deciding whether or not they want to give you their account.

But when they tell you their username and tag, don’t you think it’s time to add it to your Discord and send them a request? Let’s check how that works in this case.

Steps you must follow to find the profile:

Step 1: Open the Discord app on your smartphone to get started.

Step 2: Choose the Friends icon from the bottom navigation bar.

Step 3: There’s an Add Friends icon at the top right corner of the next page. Please click on it.

Step 4: The Username and Tag box will appear next. It is now necessary to enter the username and tag number into the appropriate fields.

Step 5: Find and touch on the Send Friend Request link at the bottom of the page, and you’re good to go.

Method 3: Nearby scan feature on Discord to the rescue

Discord’s “Nearby Scan” feature is a tool that allows users to find and connect with other Discord users who are nearby. This feature does have a limitation, though, in that it can only be used across a distance of up to 30 meters before faltering.

Make sure your Bluetooth, data connection, or wifi has been turned on for this approach to succeed since, otherwise, the scanning procedure won’t be successful. Check to see whether this option works out for you, and if not, try the technique below.

Method 4: Play the guessing game

This method explores the art of informed guessing, a more subtle way to find people on Discord. Yes, this is all you have left at the moment if all other methods fail and chance isn’t on your side. So, you should better not pass up this opportunity either.

You see, there are certain indications to making an educated judgment, so we don’t shoot aimlessly. Gather whatever facts you know about the individual, such as their real name, any hobbies, or any other information they may have disclosed to you or others before you start using this strategy.

Make clever variations of their Discord username based on the information you’ve gained. Combining a mix of their name, goals, or other relevant terms might be one way to do this. You can now put in random digits to see whether you can access their account.

The tag number is given to you by Discord; therefore, finding it is plainly impossible. Use the username you find to your best advantage to see if you can locate the intended user.

In the end

Finding someone on Discord with their phone number is easy, especially when you know the steps. The one requirement is that you save their phone number. If the strategy doesn’t work out for you, we have other suggestions that will support you in this process.

Please feel free to leave more questions in the comments section for us. We’ll do our best to respond to everyone.

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