How to Check Someone’s Most Viewed TikTok

TikTok has been a part of our life since it first debuted in 2016, and we can categorically label it as one of the most innovative apps. We can all agree that the app has been successful in capturing users’ attention. The platform has become more well-known due to its wealth of features. Younger users, whose eyes are constantly drawn to the platform, readily make it their favorite due to the wide range of features.

check someone's most viewed tiktok

TikTok creators have a habit of regularly adding fresh content to their profiles. You may see creators collaborating to create videos that are different from their typical style in an effort to raise the number of viewers on their account.

Sometimes, we wonder if it’s possible to check their most viewed TikTok on the app after one of their videos goes viral. This section will explain how to find out someone’s most viewed TikTok. Please continue reading to find out all about it.

How to Check Someone’s Most Viewed TikTok

You often wait for the engagement rate of the video you upload to TikTok, right? For instance, we all check how many people have watched our video. You should be aware that the view count is recorded as soon as your video begins to play.

You probably wish to see how many people have viewed your TikTok videos if you create content for TikTok. This kind of statistic is quite important when it comes to them. People truly come up with a number of strategies to increase TikTok views so that their videos perform better on the platform.

Knowing a video’s performance and the preferences of your target audience is helpful. You may then organize your content and post clips that will aid in your video’s success. In light of this, it stands to reason that the number of views your video has amassed on TikTok videos makes much more sense.

Now, we’d like to emphasize how to view someone’s most viewed TikTok in this part. We looked at other people’s TikTok video views to find out what was popular on their accounts. It also aids in our understanding of the market if they are competitors, isn’t it?

You should note that no in-app feature in TikTok enables you to review someone’s most viewed TikTok at any given time. That does not, however, imply that there is nothing else we can do. So, let’s check out what we can do in the part below to view someone’s most viewed TikTok video.

Making use of Retroplay

A third-party app called Retroplay was released to let users view the TikTok statistics for the videos they had created. The nice thing is that you can check a lot of stuff about someone else’s account in addition to your own TikTok statistics.

Of course, someone’s most viewed TikTok video is one of the things you can see on the app. The app’s compatibility with both Android and iPhone is its strongest feature. We’ll go through how to use Retroplay to view someone’s most popular TikTok video in the part that follows.

Steps to use Retroplay for TikTok:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for Ios users) and tap on the search field.

Step 2: Enter Retroplay on the search bar and run the search.

Step 3: Tap the Install button that you find on the screen and let the app download.

Step 4: Launch the app on your device after it has been successfully installed.

Step 5: You will find the Welcome to Retroplay page.

Step 6: You should type in the username of the person whose most viewed TikTok video you wish to see.

The app also displays the top ten TikTok videos from that account that have received the most views.

Please note that this third-party app also allows you to view your most popular videos. Additionally, you have the choice to upload your top 4 videos, and the app will create your highlight reel.

Using sort for TikTok chrome extension

This is another way to check someone’s most viewed TikTok on the platform. Well, the sort for TikTok is not only a free chrome extension but also states to be ad-free, which contributes to its popularity.

Additionally, you can utilize it without restriction since you don’t need any kind of authorization to use it. However, keep in mind that it would be advisable to always use it without signing in to the app if you are still concerned about security.

So, you must now navigate to the profile of the person whose most viewed TikTok video you want to see. Now, first, install the extension and then click the Start button to order the account videos by view count.

Looking for the pinned video

We all know by now that TikTok users have access to the app’s pin feature. The video appears at the top of your page so that everyone can see it when it is pinned to your profile.

There is a good chance that users will pin the videos on their TikTok accounts that have received the most views and likes. It essentially means that you prioritize that video over all other videos you may have on your account. So, you have the option to search for a TikTok user’s pinned video when you go to their account to check out their most viewed video.

Checking it manually on the TikTok app

You can check someone’s most recent TikTok views manually if you don’t want to use any third-party apps or chrome extensions. You should note that manually verifying is simple if the person has posted a few TikTok videos. However, the process becomes far more challenging and time-consuming if the person in question posts a lot.

Simply type the user’s username in the built-in search bar and find their TikTok video. Look at the views for each video as you scroll down their profile. You can record the view counts in an excel sheet to avoid additional confusion.

In the end

Let’s look at the topics we learned about today now that we have reached the blog’s end. We talked about a common query that users have with TikTok. We discussed how to check someone’s most viewed video on TikTok.

We turned to the third-party app Retroplay and the Chrome extension sort for TikTok. Then, we encouraged you to search for the pinned videos and then manually check everything on TikTok.

We sincerely hope that these strategies become successful. Please share your thoughts about the blog in the comments section.

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