How to Change Your Phone Number in Binance

Cryptocurrency owners are extremely aware of the concerned security and that is exactly what they should be. The best and probably the easiest way to ensure security is using 2-factor authentication with respect to your phone number. It is the easiest mode to ensure the security of your currency and far better than having no tier of security at all. In recent times we keep on facing so many issues like spoilt SIM cards, solen mobile handsets, and so on, where we need to change the phone number associated with your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

change your phone number in binance

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and has its popularity based on its optimum performance. There are basically two different ways in which you can change your phone number on Binance. Which one to for depends on whether or not you have access to your mobile phone.

Let us have a quick look at how to change your phone number on Binance.

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How to Change Your Phone Number in Binance

If you have access to the cell phone whose number is currently registered with Binance and want to change it to something new, then here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Login to Your Binance Account

Log in to the Binance platform. You can easily do this by using your existing login credentials and the phone number that is already registered with Binance. Once you log in, you will come across the home page. From the home page, select the “Profile” icon. A dropdown menu appears, select the “Security” option from the menu.

Step 2: Disable Existing Number

The next job will be to disable the existing number so that you can tie it up with a new phone number. Go to the “Security” screen and visit the section named “2FA”. This zone is practically dedicated to the configuration of all the 2-factor authentication settings. Here you will find many sections, from which you need to select the section of “SMS Authentication”. Now select the option “Disable”. As soon as you do this, you will be redirected to a page named “Security Verification”.

Step 3: Complete the Verification

This step deals with the verification of security parameters. In this step, you will be prompted to complete your two-factor authentication process. To mitigate the risk of fraudulency, Binance generally used SMS and email verification for this step. Just like verification on any other platform, a code will be sent to your already registered phone number and email and you need to enter the code in the appropriate place to complete the verification.

Now, you might be thinking what if I don’t have that phone available? There are ways to deal with the problem that we shall discuss later in this same post. For the current scenario, it is enough to know that if you do not have access to your registered phone number needed for the security verification, then you can select the option “Security Verification Unavailable” at the bottom of the same screen.

Step 4: Enter New Phone Number

Now comes the crucial part of changing your phone number. After you have successfully entered the security code that was sent to you via email, you shall be redirected to a page named “Rest Security Items”. On this page, select the option “New Phone Number”. Now you will be given an option to enter the new phone number that you currently want to be linked with your Binance exchange account. Make sure that you enter the country code while entering the phone number. After entering the number with the code, a verification SMS will be sent to the phone number. Now you need to enter this 6 digit code at the appropriate place and select the option “Reset Now”.

That is all. Your phone number on Binance will be now successfully changed. Now you can use the new phone number for all further transactions and actions on Binance.

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