Accidentally Cancelled Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram. Can You Check Previous Requests?

You don’t need an introduction to Instagram. The hype around it is totally worth it, especially considering how people post on the platform nearly every day. Every single day, millions of photos and videos are posted on Instagram. From reels to posts and stories, the app is your one-stop platform for content sharing and interaction.

canceled someone’s follow request on instagram

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you must have noticed how the app offers you the option to interact with your friends and followers seamlessly.

People get an option to send a follow request to a user or accept someone’s request. If you want to see the posts and stories of a user on Instagram, you can send them a follow request. As soon as they accept your request, you will get access to their Instagram posts and stories. If they reject this request, it means they don’t want you to see their content. Lastly, they might neither accept nor reject your Instagram request.

There are times when people cancel someone’s Instagram request by mistake. So, how can you get that back? How can you see the previous requests you have canceled? Most importantly, is there any way you can get your previous requests back?

That’s not a problem with people with a public Instagram account. If you have seen public accounts, you know how any user can follow you without having to send a request first. A vast majority of people keep their accounts private to ensure that only selected viewers see their profiles.

Accidentally Cancelled Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram. Can You Check Previous Requests?

Unfortunately, you can’t check previous requests on Instagram once you cancel someone’s follow request. You don’t even get a confirmation message when you cancel someone’s request. So, it is clear that there is nothing you can do to bring back the request you have declined once.

The best thing you can do is send them a follow request, wait for them to accept it, and send a request back to you. There is a chance the user might not send the Instagram request again, as they might think you have declined it by choice.

The only option you have is to wait for them to send you the request again so you can accept it this time. Make sure you click on the “accept” button this time so that the request doesn’t get declined.

You will get two options when you receive a request – either accept or cancel. Unfortunately, the buttons are placed so close to each other that there’s a good chance people might click on the cancel button instead of accepting.

How to Recover Deleted Follow Request on Instagram

Just waiting for the user to send you a request might not work. Chances are they have already forgotten they sent you a request. People don’t really check whether or not someone has accepted their Instagram request or not unless they are too obsessed with it or they want to get access to the target user’s account.

So, if you cancel their follow requests, there’s a good chance they don’t even know their request has not been accepted. The best you can do here is send them a follow request, so they get a reminder that you sent them a request. Chances are they will follow you back.

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