Can People See What Discord Servers You Are in?

Discord has emerged as the go-to messaging tool for multiple communities and gamers. The platform servers help users interact with others who share their hobbies, promoting community and inclusion! Discord has everything you require, whether you want to socialize or just sit back and soak in information related to your interest. You won’t ever feel dull on the platform because there’s something for everyone here.

can people see what discord servers you are in

The app is unquestionably the future of online communication because of its active community and cutting-edge features. However, with new users come new questions, right?

One question that frequently comes up is if people can see what Discord servers you are in. What do you think?

Well, let’s get started if you’re ready. We will study the topic and figure out the answers in the blog.

Can People See What Discord Servers You Are in?

What Discord servers did you join? Do you believe others will find out about this information?

Many people find it unsettling that anyone on Discord has unrestricted access to the number of servers we join. Who in their right mind would want their families to know that we have been signing up for every gaming server we can think of, after all?

We have excellent news: Discord does not reveal which servers you are a member of to other Discord users. Also, please note that Discord Nitro users are also subject to this limitation.

Therefore, buying a Nitro membership serves no purpose if you only want to see which servers your friends have joined. Nitro members can access exclusive features but are not given access to these privacy-related details.

There are good arguments for hiding this information from users. The app encourages users to have fun on the platform.

Discord wants users to sign up for servers that interest them without being concerned about criticism from others. Therefore, the major reason they conceal the information and uphold its confidentiality is related to privacy.

We have read people assuming that server admins can see which servers their members have joined. Please refrain from making assumptions based on such false stories because they are untrue. No one can see which servers anyone joins because the rule applies to everyone on the platform.

However, people can still find something even if they are unable to view your entire server list from Discord. Therefore, you should be aware that their hunt for the servers you are on might not be completely in vain. Do you want to learn more about it? Kindly explore the parts below in depth.

Mutual servers

If you and your friend have similar hobbies, you’ll probably both sign up for the same server. We won’t state that it always happens, but the chances are high, particularly if the server is well-known. Therefore, it is not unusual for two individuals to be on the same server.

Do you know that Discord lists all the servers you share with someone else, which they term as mutual servers? People will know if you share a few servers with them. Thus, this is one method for people to find out some of the servers you are in.

This feature has received mixed reactions. While some users like the thought of being informed of which servers others share with them, others find the concept upsetting and believe it breaches their privacy.

Do you know how to view the Discord list of mutual servers? We’ll show you how to check it with the help of the detailed directions below.

Steps to check mutual servers on Discord:

Step 1: Navigate to the Discord app and open it.

Step 2: Do you see the Friends tab or a person waving icon at the end of the page? Please click on it.

Step 3: Tap on their profile picture or name to enter their Discord profile.

Step 4: In the next steps, you must tap on the profile option.

Step 5: You’ll find a mutual servers option here. Tap on it to look at the mutual server list with someone.

That’s how you check the mutual servers on Discord for your friends!

Will third-party tools help?

We know that your thoughts are a complete mess, and you are curious to learn if you can use third-party apps to discover server-related concerns. Note that third-party apps will always offer to help you locate others on different servers, but they will fail to work almost all the time.

Keep in mind that there is no third-party tool that can assist you in this situation. Thus, we will tell you not to fall for such scams.

In the end

Your friends on Discord might be eager about your hobbies and think it’s okay to know what servers you have joined. If they are genuinely curious about these things, they should approach you and ask straight away.

Discord offers a certain degree of anonymity when it comes to revealing which servers you have joined, as we already know.

We’ve talked about whether other Discord users can see what servers you’re in. We’ve also talked about the mutual servers on the platform.

We trust that you found our answer to be satisfactory! Please share your views in the section below.

Kindly pass along the blog to people who might need these answers. You can also check out our website if you want to learn more about these tech-related topics.

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