Using Social Media and Cell Phones to Improve Education Effectiveness

Gone are the days when students spent hours in the library trying to find the right book to complete an assignment. Today, knowledge can be accessed anywhere and anytime! Social media has revolutionized human lives. Now they make completing assignments a piece of cake for students.

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Also, using social media for education has improved learning effectiveness. Now a 4-year-old could be shown the video of a running lion to teach them “L for Lion,” and they will remember it better. That brings forth the question, How does social media support education? How to make the best use of it for learning? What does the research say about it? Keep reading to explore!

Benefits of Using Social Media for Education

The advantages of using social media for learning are numerous. But here are the top benefits.

#1 – Access to Information: Cell Phone Essay

Acquiring knowledge is accessible and broader now compared to the olden days. One can put all their questions in a search box and get a plethora of information in seconds. For example, many cell phone essays on offer insights into various topics, making research and assignment writing seamless. Furthermore, many ebooks from all over the world are available in the virtual library. For people who aren’t into ebooks, there exist websites delivering hardcopy of books to your doorstep. Awareness about different competitive examinations, how to prepare, guidance, etc., is also found on social media.

#2 – Tutors are a Text Away

The connection between a student and teacher significantly impacts the learning process. But raising your hand in class to ask doubts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is where social media comes in to save the day. The platform keeps teachers a single text away, letting you clear all our doubts with a few taps. Many competitive exam coaching classes and mock tests are available online, which immensely helps students.

#3 – Study Groups to Share Knowledge

Most pupils find it fun yet productive to be in a study group. Learning clubs are always great for sharing doubts and knowledge with each other. Social media proves to be a great platform for collaborating worldwide.

#4 – Online Tutorials Make Learning Efficient

Using social media for teaching and learning is gaining much attention. Most students make up for the boring, hard-to-understand classes by learning those topics from online tutors. Distant education is a wonderful way to learn from any university worldwide and the best professors. Degrees can be owned by sitting at home and a tutor from another continent across your screen!

#5 – Easy Research

Research becomes much easier with the enormous amount of databases available at your fingertips. You get to access all the previous data and necessary information effortlessly. Some social experiments, like surveys, are conducted through social media. Collaborations and communications happen with newly developed friendly media interfaces.

#6 – Building a Career Is Seamless

Surfing a newspaper in the morning for advertisements calling young people for jobs and dialing is a thing of the past. Currently, things work in a more simple yet efficient way. Social media enable students to showcase their talents and skills, increasing their chances of getting a decent job. You communicate and collaborate with experts across the world to learn as well as build your career.

Best Ways for Using Cell Phones for Learning in the Classroom

There are several ways to use cell phones for better outcomes. Here are a few ways to make the most out of social media for effective learning.

  • Online learning platforms – Online learning websites offer short to long-duration courses from top universities and the best professors. You get a certification after completion too.
  • Study tools – Grammarly, Hemingway, and Thesaurus help students improve their writing skills. Furthermore, websites like StudyBlue, and HippoCampus, are Studystack beneficial in making flashcards for better learning.
  • YouTube tutorials – Billions use YouTube. It is one of the best teachers. You will find tutorials for almost anything from learning guitar to the French language. Most videos are free to watch.
  • LinkedIn – A platform for networking, it helps you build your portfolio, get good advice and guidance, etc. It allows you to showcase your skills and talents for building your career.
  • Video communication services – Video meeting services facilitate online classes or study group meetings. Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are popular examples. These platforms make interactions comfortable.
  • Note-making and organizing toolsThese apps help students make and save notes for the long term. Examples: Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, etc.

Research Findings About How Social Media Aids Learning

A study conducted by a group of scientists in 2021 examined how social media influence the academic performance of medical students in China. Their results revealed that perceived usefulness, ease of use, and peer interactions positively and significantly influence open learning (OL). Social media proved to be a dynamic tool that helps develop OL by encouraging collaboration, group discussions, and exchanging ideas that strengthen students’ learning behavior and performance.


One question that needs to be answered is: Is using cell phones or social media in the classroom all good?

Well, using cell phones for educational purposes surely give positive results. But apart from the positive side, there are negatives too. For instance, there are chances for students to get addicted. Or, they might segway into scrolling through social media pointlessly. So, it’s important to be mindful when using any platform.

You have the choice to make the best out of the opportunities in front of you. Remember your goals and grab the chance to make the most out of the possibilities!

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