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People have always sought to stand out and decorate ordinary things. And it turns out that the Steam account is no exception. Gamers are active and creative people, and sooner or later each of them starts looking for ways to decorate their gray Steam profile and try to do some steam profile lookup. We have created a small selection of some really impressive customized profiles. This is by no means a rating, but rather the subjective opinion of our expert, Volodymyr Huda.


To start our selection, we want to show you a profile with a really incredible visual design. The characters from the popular Demon Slayer anime immediately catch your eye, and each of the covers has a unique frame. Maybe in the future we will see other characters of this exciting anime on this page. And scrolling further, we can see the same incredible images from no less famous franchises – Mikey from Tokyo Revengers and Goku from the Dragon Ball.


The next profile that we will consider is made in blue color and familiar to all of you MMORPG. The selection of colors and images is really very balanced and makes you linger on each of the pieces of art. Here we can see the key characters of WoW – the Lich King, Jaina Proudmoore and the image of the Blood Elves at the bottom of the page. And visual aesthetics are added by custom emoticons created by the owner of the page. Currently, this profile is quite popular among users in Steam and you can also check it using the Profilerr service. In addition, the author regularly updates it, so from time to time you can find something new there and see this profile in a really finished form.


Another extraordinary profile that you will remember. And indeed, the color scheme of the profile is something you will look at for a long time. And besides, this color scheme is complemented by cool posts and images. The author used the maximum number of showcases allowed in Steam. Also, it looks really exciting and shows that the author spent an incredible amount of time on the design of the profile.


And the next profile has some contradictions. At first glance, the general design is incredible. The combination of gold color and few shades makes an impression almost like a work of art. Also, good commandments and decorated blocks of information and a great selection of emoticons make the profile attractive. But somewhat spoiling the general appearance of the profile pictures of the characters of the anime Bleach, SWO and Death Note, which are not high enough resolution. But maybe it seems so at first glance. Because on the general background, together with the gold frames, they look pretty cool.


This is one of the first profiles to use Steam Deck’s exclusive neon theme so well. The combination of colors and image is quite successful. The nice color here is combined with neon pink frames along with light black shades, making this profile more visible! Moreover, it is worth saying separately about the 2B images, because they are really selected very well. The fact that each showcase used here contributes to the overall theme makes this profile really worth checking out. And in addition, the author of the profile added thematic images from his collection of CS:GO skins, and it is not surprising, because in the USA alone, the CS:GO market reaches 5.7 million US dollars.


Space theme in this profile is used incredibly successfully. The author combined the background, image and colors in such a way that there could be no other combination. In addition, the images are rendered via snaws, which explains the highest quality shown. The selection of space-themed backgrounds shown in the item showcase is very appropriate here, as is the collection of planet icons used. The funny little gifs of the astronauts dancing in each of the guides are very nice.


This profile is entirely dedicated to one of the main antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Ryomen Sukuna. The profile is created with a sense of great balance between the color scheme and thematic images. Each image is beautifully selected for color matching. And only for such painstaking work, the author should be honored. Other unique features on his page are quotes hidden with spoiler tags.

Last_Panda | Making Artworks

Next up is a profile from the administrator of the Impressive Artwork Profiles Steam community group. And therefore it is not surprising that the author approached the design of his own profile with taste. The profile is dominated by orange color, which is often used to convey the color of red-hot iron. The images on the shop windows are also made with this color, which are made personally by the owner of the profile. Orange is of course an unusual color, specifically for use in Steam profiles, so it’s great to see it used here.


This is a great profile made in the style of Naruto anime. As we can see from the attached showcase images, the profile author’s favorite character is Itachi Uchiha. And the entire profile is made in the colors inherent to this character. Showcases like the Item, Achievement and Bade Showcases all have a distinct red theme that compliments the artwork that goes with it. And the portrait of the character from the symbols deserves a special ovation to the author.

мŕ. мέάή ⫍ ⃢ ⫎

And the final one in our selection will be the profile of a Marvel fan. This is another profile in red, but based on the image of Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch), hence the choice of color. But the combination of images and the design of the profile gives the feeling that it is really a complete and harmonious work. And the first of the images looks nothing worse than the official poster for the series with Wanda. But what deserves special attention is how coolly animated each of the showcases is. This is probably one of the best animated profiles in our selection.

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