How To Reach 4,000 Watch Time And Monetize Your Youtube Channel?

If you’re a new youtube creator, you must be striving to complete your 4000-hour watch time on Youtube. YouTubers who wish to make money with Adsense must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on their channel in the previous year. Although it is a very big challenge, it is not unattainable. To help you out regarding this, we’ll go into detail about increasing your audience engagement to reach 4000 hour watch time. You are eligible for the YPP once your age meets the minimum requirement. Once you’ve been verified, you’ll be able to begin monetizing your videos with advertising.

reach 4,000 watch time and monetize your youtube channel

Tips To Complete 4000-Hr Watch Time On Youtube

Let’s uncover the most useful tips to get a good subscriber base on your youtube channel. If you act upon these suggestions, we guarantee your channel’s success. 

1. YouTube Video Length and Watch Time

You could assume that the longer your video is, the more people will spend watching it. 

If analytics show that people are leaving the video before it ends, you may safely discount it as false. YouTube is keeping tabs on these numbers, and if many people are leaving your video, the odds of it being seen by others decrease. 

Making short videos of 10-15 mins length that people stick with for longer might be a more fruitful tactic than crafting a larger video that viewers abandon after just a brief introduction. When creating videos, how lengthy should they be? The correct answer is “as long as is necessary to convey the intended meaning.” You’ll gain much from developing efficient methods of video editing and packaging.

2. Metrics of Audience Retention Can Help You

If you’ve been uploading videos to your channel, you likely have some metrics that may shed light on how well your videos are receiving views and hence how well-received your material is. When it comes to metrics like subscriber growth and churn rate, you can use a number of different tools that are available on YouTube.

Audience retention data are available in YouTube Studio. Simply choose a released video and then select “Analytics.” To get to the relevant information, choose ‘Engagement’ from the new dashboard. Keep an eye on the metrics labelled “Typical Audience Retention” and “Key Moments for Audience Retention.” 

3. Use Playlists And End Screens

YouTube’s end screens and information cards are both great tools for promoting related content. This might help your audience better understand what you’re talking about or allow you to advertise more of your work. Start using one or both of these bonuses immediately if you haven’t already. 

Did you know that you may link to a playlist instead of an individual video, even though many producers utilize end screens and info cards to do just that? You could put up a playlist of your most popular videos to get more views and subscribers. It would definitely take some time to grow your channel. Meanwhile, you can opt for forex trading at to earn passive income. 

4. Respond To Comments to Increase Engagement 

Timely responses to comments on your YouTube videos, particularly in the first few hours following publication, are always appreciated. Make a pre-written remark with a link to your most-watched video or a collection of videos on the same subject to increase interaction and your channel’s visibility.

Open-ended questions might be included in prefabricated replies to encourage further discussion. Questions such as “What did you learn the most from this video?”tell me about the most enjoyable aspect. Notifying your audience that you’ve seen their comments increases the likelihood that they’ll return to your video and interact with it.

5. Live-Streaming Events on YouTube

You may build relationships with your audience in real-time while still accruing watch time toward your 4,000-hour target. It’s a great way to put in some serious money-making time!

If fifty to a hundred individuals join your live streaming and stick to it, you’ll get 100s of watch time hours.

6. Upload Videos Consistently

The recommendation algorithm on YouTube just does one thing, but it’s a significant one. YouTube uses viewing history and other signals to recommend videos it thinks its “users” would like. If you often upload videos to YouTube, the site can help you out. After all, the algorithm can’t make good suggestions from a channel that only posts once a month.

It’s not necessary to post every day, but maintaining a regular schedule can keep your audience interested and prevent burnout.

7. Replace Video Sharing With Playlists

Video playlists may also be used to save time when sharing videos with others by allowing you to provide a single link to a collection of related videos. To begin sharing a video, you must first locate it in a playlist. Launch it, then choose the file to upload. The URL now seems like a very lengthy and complicated address. Just highlight it, copy it, and then paste it into a new browser tab. After your movie finishes playing, it should move on to the next one in your playlist.

8. Upload a Video Course On Youtube

To attract potential customers, you can take an online course. When people watch one video, they’ll definitely watch your other videos to complete that course. Also, relate one video to another so that the audience will open up your next video to learn something enticing that you’ve briefed in the previous video.  Or you can simply create a secret page on your site and put all of the course videos from YouTube there.

Alternatively, if you maintain a mailing list. A series of emails including YouTube video links should be sent to them regularly. People like order and are eager to take in more material if it is presented and organized well.

There You Go!

Getting started on YouTube is the first step in amassing 4,000 hours of views. After that, it’s time to maintain producing excellent content. With these amazing tips and tricks, you can reach 4000 watch time on youtube and get your channel monetized.

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