Outgoing Calls Not Ringing? Try These Fixes

There was a time when one big wired telephone was enough to meet the calling needs of the entire family. Cut to today, the applications of phones are lately becoming more and more diverse, and a phone has become a true companion for just about anything. In spite of these dramatic changes, one thing has remained the same: calls. Talking to people has always been the most important aspect of using a phone. While endless ways exist to stay connected, voice calls remain the undisputed winner.

outgoing calls not ringing

As such, any issue affecting your phone’s calling experience is a real problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

One such calling issue occurs when you call someone from your phone but do not hear any ring on the other side. As much as this problem seems trivial at first glance, it can be pretty annoying and misleading if it happens repeatedly.

If this issue is troubling you and you want to get rid of it, we’ve got your back. Read this blog to learn about this annoying issue and its fixes.

Why are your outgoing calls not ringing?

Whenever you face an issue with your phone, calls, or network connection, the possibilities of causes are often wide-ranging. You see, your phone is one device, but it needs the coordination of a number of external factors to work properly.

Therefore, any problem or issue you face with your phone can result from one of several underlying causes.

When it comes to making and receiving calls, your phone and network provider play essential roles. A problem with any of these two things can hamper the calling process, leading to several issues. Moreover, the issue can also be caused due to problems in the receiver’s device.

Some of the problems that can cause your outgoing calls not to ring are as follows:

Problem 1: Network issues

First things first, issues with the network can cause a lot of problems with your calls and internet usage experience. Most times, your calls would not go through, and you would hear an automated response telling you about low coverage. Other times, you would hear beeps, and the call would disconnect automatically.

But sometimes, you might not hear anything. The call would be a silent line without any voice. This can easily happen due to a network issue from either side. It can be an issue with your or the receiver’s network.

Problem 2: Unpaid bills or voice pack expired

Have you paid your phone bills? When did you last recharge your number?

If you are a postpaid user and have not paid your bills, your phone’s service can be cut off by your provider, making you incapable of making outgoing calls. Similarly, if your prepaid pack has expired and you haven’t recharged your number yet, outgoing calls will be disabled temporarily.

Unpaid bills can disrupt your phone usage experience and can seriously affect your calls. So, if you don’t hear rings on your outgoing calls, ensure you are sorted with your bills.

Of course, the same problem can occur if the receiver hasn’t paid their bills. Therefore, if you are having this ringing issue for just a specific person, it’s possible they haven’t paid their bills.

Problem 3: Flight mode (aka Airplane mode)

Airplane mode is handy when you want to take a complete break from making and receiving calls or when you are in an airplane (duh). Turning on this mode completely disconnects the phone from the network provider.

Therefore, you cannot call someone if they have enabled airplane mode on their device. If you call them, you will usually hear an automated voice telling you the phone is switched off. But sometimes, due to miscellaneous issues, the automated voice might not come up, and you might hear nothing.

Problem 4: Phone switched off

Turning on Airplane Mode is similar to switching off your phone. But the effect will likely be the same even if the receiver’s phone is switched off.

Even in this case, you might not always face the call-not-ringing issue; you will likely hear the familiar automated voice telling you about a switched-off phone. Nevertheless, the issue can show up unexpectedly, and you might not hear anything.

Outgoing calls not working? Try these fixes

We have talked enough about the problems. Now let us tell you what you have come here for– the solutions.

To be honest, issues like these don’t have a fixed solution because the causes can be wide-ranging, as discussed above. Since you cannot always find the real cause, you must try multiple methods to fix this issue.

Here are some fixes you can try to fix the call-not-ringing problem on your phone:

Fix 1: Reset your network connection

As discussed above, the issue we are discussing results from network issues. Therefore, you can fix this issue by resetting your network connection. The easiest way to reset your network is by turning the Airplane Mode on and off.

You can simply swipe down from the top of the screen to pull the drop-down menu. Tap on the airplane icon to turn on Airplane Mode. It might take a few seconds for the mode to enable. Once that happens, wait for some time– ideally a couple of minutes or longer– before disabling the mode.

Fix 2: Reboot your phone

If resetting your network connection doesn’t help solve the issue, you can also try rebooting your device. This approach can be helpful if your device is causing the problem. Performing a simple reboot can reset the network configuration of your device and help solve the issue.

Fix 3: Recharge your phone number (or pay the bill if postpaid)

We don’t need to tell you that you must pay the bills to avail yourself of the voice calling service. If you haven’t recharged your number for a while, check if the validity of your last recharge is active. If it has expired, you need to recharge your number to call anyone.

Fix 4: Ask the other person to follow the above methods

Since the issue can also be caused due to problems on the other person’s side, you cannot expect to solve it with your efforts alone. You need to find out if the problem has been caused on the other side.

If you think everything is fine from your side, you should try to contact the person through other ways, such as WhatsApp or other social media apps. Explain the issue and ask them to try the first three fixes.

Summing up

You can live without the internet for a while. But nothing beats the frustration you experience when your calls do not go through due to some weird issue. This blog is an attempt to help you get rid of this issue where your calls do not ring.

Several problems related to your phone or your network can cause this issue, though it can also arise due to problems on the receiver’s end. Either way, you can try the above fixes to avoid this problem.

Wait! Before you go, take a minute to drop your views on this blog; we would love to read your feedback. Don’t hesitate to come back with any queries or complaints, either.

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