If You Unfollow and Then Follow Someone on Instagram, Do They Get Another Notification?

Instagram is among the top social media platforms today, along with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, and Telegram. However, none of these platforms can match Instagram in both popularity and likeability among Gen Z. It might look like Gen Z is irrelevant here, but Gen Z internet users and overall consumers are rapidly increasing. Instagram has over two billion monthly active users worldwide. And this isn’t that surprising considering the wide array of functions and features it provides. From networking to privacy, entrepreneurial assets to entertainment, Instagram is the full package.

if you unfollow and then follow someone on instagram, do they get another notification

You might be thinking, “well, this is all very standard stuff.” However, that’s not true, nor is it fair to assume something like that. Don’t worry; we’ll explain exactly what we’re talking about with some common examples.

For example, Facebook has the largest users worldwide, with over three billion monthly active users. However, only a small fraction of Gen Z internet users have accounts there, and even few use it or have displayed any interest in it.

We all know what the reason behind this is: it’s not in style anymore. Gone are the days when Facebook was the best part of the internet; nothing is exciting there. No new trends, challenges, or innovative features are there to attract younger users.

Next up is Snapchat, which Gen Z adores. Each and every small nook and cranny on Snapchat has been designed to appeal to younger users. But its user count is nowhere near close to Instagram due to the same reason; Gen Z and even Millennials don’t see anything of substance here.

But Instagram offers a large playground with something for everyone. Even if you don’t like socializing, you can chill out with your friends and family on a private account.

There’s the Explore section where you can check out all your interests according to the posts you like on Instagram. You can advertise a business, become an influencer, or create a fan page.

Today’s blog discusses if you unfollowing and then following someone will result in them receiving a notification on Instagram.

If You Unfollow and Then Follow Someone on Instagram, Do They Get Another Notification?

If you’re an avid internet user, one of the platforms you must love is Instagram. And as a regular user, you must’ve wondered about the answer to our topic for today. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out!

So, if you follow and unfollow a user, will Instagram send them a notification? Yes, they will be notified that you’ve started following them. Just to clarify, they won’t be notified about you unfollowing them; that’s private information. But they will be notified upon gaining a follower.

Instagram is a large social media platform that protects the privacy of its users above all else. However, there’s a limit to it, and sometimes, too much privacy can also end up being problematic.

For example, take Snapchat. It offers an extremely high level of privacy and security, but this has also become the platform’s Achilles’ heel. There are way too many ways for problematic users to disguise themselves as genuine people.

Anyhow, we’re sure you understand now that it’s not possible for you to unfollow someone and follow them back without them finding out.

Let’s say you’ve accidentally done this and now need to get out of this situation quickly. Well, we’re sorry to say that, technically, there’s no way for you to prevent that notification from going through.

That being said, blocking them might be the perfect solution in this case because they wouldn’t be able to see anything of yours on the platform. For example, if someone blocks you, you won’t be able to see their previous notifications.

However, all of it depends on how quickly you can take action on it. If you act immediately, there’s no way they’ll see that notification.

It will give birth to another problem: you will have blocked them. Trust us; figuring out when someone has blocked you is easy. If they’re close to you or if you talk regularly, there’s a good chance they’ll find out they’ve been blocked.

Here’s how to tell when you’ve been blocked

If you wish to try this theory, here’s how to tell when someone blocks you. You won’t be able to find their profile anywhere, see them tagged in any pictures, or their likes and comments. You can’t send them a message or audio/video call them. For all intents and purposes, it’d be as if they never existed.

You will be able to see your past DMs, the only indication that you’ve been blocked. It’ll also be possible for you to find them through mutual friends’ accounts but not for your other accounts.

This is because they have the option to block you and any other accounts you might have or create. Most users who block someone usually jump on this opportunity.

Also, when you finally do unblock them, how will you reconnect with them? It would be easy to explain that you accidentally unfollowed them instead of unfollowing, blocking, unblocking, and following them.

However, if you feel like blocking them is really the way to go in this case, we won’t be the ones to stop you.

Here’s how to block a user on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to the right of the Home tab.

if you unfollow and then follow someone on instagram, do they get another notification

Step 2: Tap the Instagram search bar and enter the user name you want to block. Select their profile from the results that’ll appear.

if you unfollow and then follow someone on instagram, do they get another notification

Step 3: At the top right, you’ll see a three-dots icon; tap on that. On the following pop-up menu, tap on Block.

if you unfollow and then follow someone on instagram, do they get another notification

There you go! However, we’d like to remind you this isn’t the optimal way to deal with this; blocking can come across as an aggressive gesture.

Instead, it would make you appear much more mature and straightforward if you just told them what actually happened.

In conclusion

You already know the drill! Let’s recap what we’ve discussed in today’s blog.

Instagram goes to great lengths to ensure proper privacy and security for a smooth user experience. However, it’s true for all users; it cannot discriminate among users. So, if you’d like to know when someone follows you, the same goes for the one you unfollowed and wish to follow back.

So yes, the best way to deal with this situation is to just tell them what happened because they will find it out anyway. But if you’d rather go a different way, you could block them for the time being.

Still, blocking should be at the bottom of your go-to actions unless necessary because it can be interpreted as aggressive. Coming clean about what happened or simply not addressing it because it’s not worth your time is a much more appropriate approach.

If you’re in this situation and need any tips on handling it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

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