How to Fix “This request looks like it might be automated” on Twitter

Twitter is known for its rapid-fire updates and conversations happening in real-time. It is a truly fantastic forum for connecting with people, sharing views and ideas, and staying informed. However, if you’ve encountered the frustrating message, “This request looks like it might be automated,” you’re not alone.

fix this request looks like it might be automated on twitter

Twitter has implemented automated security measures to combat spam and misuse, which sometimes trigger false positives, preventing legitimate users from performing actions on the platform.

In this article, we’ll understand the reasons that this error occurs and provide you with effective solutions to fix it and regain full access to your Twitter account. Let’s get started!

How to Fix “This request looks like it might be automated” on Twitter

Twitter has a number of security measures in place to protect its users from being spammed as well as any other malicious activity. One of these measures is a system that detects and blocks automated requests.

This system can sometimes flag legitimate user activity as automated, especially if you are performing a huge number of actions in a limited time period. If you see the message “This request looks like it might be automated” on Twitter, it means that Twitter has flagged your activity as suspicious.

You may not be able to perform certain actions, such as tweeting, liking, or following other users, until Twitter has verified that you are a real person. While these security measures are essential for maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for users, they can sometimes produce false alarms.

Several actions can trigger the “This request looks like it might be automated” error:

Rapid or Repetitive Actions

If you perform a series of actions too quickly, such as following or unfollowing multiple accounts in a short time, Twitter’s algorithms may flag your account as potentially automated.

Excessive Likes and Retweets

Overly active engagement with tweets, such as liking or retweeting an unusually high number of posts in a short period, can raise suspicion.

Using Third-party Apps: Some third-party Twitter clients or automation tools may interact with the platform in a way that resembles automated activity, potentially leading to this error.

Unusual IP Addresses

Accessing your Twitter account from different geographic locations or using a VPN can sometimes trigger the automated security checks.

Now that we are clear on the reasons for the occurrence of this error, let’s learn how to fix it.

1. Slow Down Your Actions

If you’ve encountered the “This request looks like it might be automated” error due to performing actions too quickly, the simplest solution is to slow down. Twitter’s automated systems are designed to catch rapid or repetitive activity, so taking a more measured approach can help you avoid triggering these checks.

Here are some tips:

Space out your actions: Instead of following or unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short time, do so gradually throughout the day.

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