How to Dress Up for a Passport Photo When You Take it on Your Smartphone

These days having a good-looking ID photo, including a passport photo, is such a flex that gorgeous ID pictures could go viral. Now, obviously, not everyone can go viral, but one can try having a good-looking passport photo anyway.

The purpose of a passport photo is to identify its holder’s face, but what you wear also matters. In addition to the fact that the wrong dress code, in some cases, can lead to a photo rejection, the outfit determines how well you will look on your ID. In this brief guideline, we hope to clear up this question.

Check Photo Requirements in Advance

Taking your photo in the proper outfit and right look isn’t all — your photo will need to be processed and formatted correctly. If you take a passport pic at home, entrust its editing to specialized passport photo tools. So you’ll be relaxed about the size, background, and other essential parameters: the online tool will automatically handle everything for you. For a perfect result, all you have to do is focus on the look!

Wear Clothes You Would Wear Daily

The general, basic rule for what you need to wear for passport photoshoots is that you should wear what you would wear daily. This is useful to you so that you do not need to sweat out over how to dress and for identification purposes.

Keep in mind that your ID will accompany you for many years. Are you sure that this trendy designer shirt won’t look awkward years from now? If you’re not sure, go for the classic models.

By wearing what you would wear daily anyway, your photo can identify you on a day-to-day basis more easily.

Choose Colors that Contrast with Background

A light-colored or white shirt will just blend in with the background. Wear something in contrast.

For black and white photo, black, gray, navy, and brown shirts are fine. If the picture is colored, it is advisable to choose monochrome clothes of shades that harmonize with the tone of your skin and eyes. Avoid too bright shades or colors that make your face look pale. Do not choose yellow and green. These colors give the face a gloomy gray hue.

Remember that professional photos are taken with a flash or with sufficiently strong lighting. Therefore, the color palette in the photo will look different: lighter colors will be brighter and darker tones will more saturated. For example, clothes of a soft blue color can look snow-white and blend in with the background.

No Uniform Nor Camouflage on Passport Photos

We said above that you should wear your daily clothes. However, if you’re a uniformed employee, uniforms do not fall under the allowed “everyday attire” for passport photos. You should avoid outfits that look like uniforms, too.

Regarding uniforms, camouflage is also not allowed in passport photos.

The Rules on Glasses for Passport Photos

The general rule is that your passport photo should show your facial features fully. Keep this in mind when considering eyeglasses on your passport photos.

In any case, if glasses are allowed, they must not obscure your eyes. Therefore, the frame should not be too thick, and the lenses should be clear.

In the USA glasses are not allowed at all for passport photos. This is because even clear ones can reflect flashes used in photography, obscuring your eyes. If you cannot take off your glasses due to health reasons, you will need to provide a statement signed by a medical professional about it.

The Rules on Accessories and Headwear for Passport Photos

The identification process should be smooth upon looking at your passport photograph. Going from this rule, accessories and headwear are usually not allowed.

Usually, you can still wear functional accessories, such as plain hair ties or clips to keep your hair back. Sparkly ones, or ones with oversized bows, are no longer just functional and not allowed.

Religious headwear worn every day, such as the hijab, is allowed.

Confidence is the Best Armor

You know what they say, the best thing you can wear is a smile, and confidence is the best armor. Once you’ve understood all the do’s and don’t’s of what to wear and how to look on a passport photo, you must be confident on your photo and beyond.

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