How to Fix Instagram Not Showing Stories on Feed But Available on Profile

Created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram isn’t just an app but a new way to share and connect through pictures. With its cool features and focus on making photos look awesome, Instagram became a big hit and changed how we communicate. When Instagram first came onto the scene, it had something unique – the power to take, edit, and share photos immediately. This was a big deal, especially when smartphones became everyone’s go-to camera.

fix instagram not showing stories on feed but available on profile

Instagram’s filters and editing tools made everyday pictures look super cool, turning even regular snapshots into works of art. And those square pictures? They might have started as a technical thing, but they became one of Instagram’s trademarks, inspiring people to think creatively about their photos.

Then came Instagram Stories. This feature was like Snapchat’s disappearing posts but on Instagram. It became a hit, letting users share everyday moments that disappeared after a day. With polls, questions, and stickers, it was a fun way to interact with friends and followers in real-time.

But what changed the game was how Gen Z embraced Instagram. For them, it wasn’t just about sharing cool pictures but about expressing themselves. Instagram became a place to show their style and thoughts and stand up for things they believed in.

Influencers also became a big part of Instagram’s story. These people turned their passions into a career by sharing their expertise online. For Gen Z, these influencers became relatable figures who discussed important issues like mental health and social causes. They made Instagram a space to learn, connect, and get inspired.

In a world where everyone can be a content creator, Instagram provided Gen Z with a platform to express themselves and connect with others. It’s a place where they can find their tribe, learn about the world, and share their ups and downs.

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing how you can fix Instagram stories not appearing on your feed but only on your profile.

How to Fix Instagram Not Showing Stories on Feed But Available on Profile?

Let’s get straight to the bottom of the issue you’ve been facing: How can you fix it when Instagram shows you stories on the user’s profile but not on your feed? Well, to fix something, you must know the exact reason behind it.

Unfortunately, there’s a variety of very different reasons why you’re going through this problem. However, don’t worry because we’ll walk you through solutions for every one of those!

You’re facing a technical glitch or a bug

Most probably, you’re facing a small technical glitch that’s preventing you from seeing Instagram stories on your feed. It’s highly uncommon and illogical for you to be able to see the story on your profile if that’s not the case.

Firstly, let us go through all the potential fixes for technical glitches and bugs on the Instagram app.

Install the latest version of the Instagram app on your smartphone

The first and the most obvious reason you might be experiencing a glitch like this is using an older version of the Instagram app. It’s an understandable issue, considering Instagram releases quite frequent updates, so it’s best to keep checking every once in a while.

If this is indeed the root of the issue that’s bothering you, then consider it fixed! All you need to do is go to Play Store/App Store and download the latest version of the Instagram app.

Restart your device

If the Instagram app is up-to-date on your device, the next fix for your issue is to simply restart your device. Sometimes, when you’ve been using your smartphone for hours on end, it can get overheated. The best way to give it a quick little break and restart it.

It would also help to refrain from using your device for at least an hour unless necessary. Not only will this help your device return to its normal functioning, but it’ll also give you a well-deserved break.

Clear the Instagram app cached data

If the previous alternatives didn’t quite work for you and you still can’t see Instagram stories on your feed, this might help.

Often, when you’ve been using an app for a long time, cached data gets accumulated on your device. When this gets to a certain extent, it results in app malfunctions and small glitches, just like the ones you’re experiencing at the moment.

To fix this, you only need to go into your device settings and find Instagram. Then, clear the cached data, and you’re all set.

However, the only issue here is that the feature to clear cached data is only available on Android, not iOS. So, if you’re an iPhone user, the alternative for you is to simply uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app on your smartphone; it has the same effect.

Check your internet connection

If you’re positive that none of the other mentioned fixes will work in your case, it’s possible that they’re not what’s causing the issue. Instead, the real problem could be something as trivial as your internet connection.

We understand it’s not very likely, but a weak or unstable internet connection could be why you’re facing this issue. Connect to a different internet connection, preferably a stable Wi-Fi network, to confirm this hunch.

You don’t follow them

If none of the methods we’ve discussed seem to work for you, the answer is quite obvious. You aren’t following this user on Instagram anymore, intentionally or otherwise.

They must have a public profile, which is why you can see their Instagram story on their profile but not on your feed. The simplest solution would be to follow them back and possibly tell them what happened.

In the end

Now, our blog for today has drawn to its end. We’ll quickly recap all we’ve discussed today to ensure you know and understand the answer you were looking for.

Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms today, and it has gotten there with years of hard work and controversies. Anyhow, when a platform is used by about two billion months active users, it’s not hard to imagine that it might face the occasional bug or glitch.

Today, we’ve discussed how you can fix it when the Instagram app doesn’t show you someone’s story on your feed, but you can see it on your profile. The first step here is to eliminate all bugs and glitches commonly found to be the answer.

If those glitches are not the culprit here, then the answer is simple: you just don’t follow this user anymore. You see the story on their profile because they have a public account, but they won’t appear in your feed anymore unless you follow them again.

If our blog has managed to help you with something that you were struggling with, we’re glad to hear that. Let us know in the comments below if you have any doubts, and we’ll get back to you!

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