How to Fix “Couldn’t Create Thread” on Instagram

All the Instagrammers today will agree that DMs are an integral part of their engagement on Instagram. But did you know that DMs didn’t enjoy such fame on the platform since the beginning? That’s true; not many Instagrammers used DMs before 2018. It was after that time people began sending each other posts, memes, and reels personally as messages. If you’re wondering what we’re leading to, let’s help you out by telling you that problem that we’ll attempt to resolve today is also from the DMs section of Instagram.

fix couldn’t create thread on instagram

It’s a specific error that is becoming more and more common in Instagram communities: the Couldn’t Create Thread error.

Today, we’ll be discussing what this error means, talk about the possibilities behind it, and attempt to resolve them. Don’t leave our side until your problem has been resolved!

Couldn’t Create Thread: What does this Instagram error mean?

Let’s begin from the beginning. If you’ve received a Couldn’t Create Thread error on Instagram, the first question that pops up in your head has to be this: What does this error mean?

Well, for starters, let’s address that this error has taken place in your DMs tab. Now, many of you might not have known this, but messaging wasn’t an integral part of Instagram’s core concept. Added to it much later, the DMs are always treated as a secondary feature on the platform.

Consequently, a sudden overwhelming activity in your DMs is seen as a suspicious action by Instagram’s bot, which then sends a signal to freeze or block you from using the messaging feature temporarily. During this time, they inspect your activities to determine whether or not you are doing something questionable and then take action accordingly.

If you turn out to be innocent in the process, they’ll unfreeze your account right away. Otherwise, you might be looking at shadow-banning or even removal from the platform.

How to Fix “Couldn’t Create Thread” on Instagram

Now that we’ve discovered together what the Couldn’t Create Thread error is all about, let’s delve into how to tackle it. There are multiple possibilities that could potentially be causing this error on your account, and we’ll rule them out one-by-one:

Was it a global issue?

Before you worry any further about why this happened to you, let’s tell you that it could have a global problem as well. Yes, we know what we’re saying. Here’s something you must know:

Very recently, on October 23rd, there was a short lag in Instagram servers, due to which the entire DMs department was down. A large number of users trying to get into their DMs between that duration reported to have received the Couldn’t Create Thread error.

Not to forget, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened on Instagram, or whole social media for that matter. Servers that large, no matter how efficient, are bound to face some glitches along the way. Every time such a thing happens, masses of users are affected; you could be just one of them.

How to solve it? Errors like these often tend to solve themselves eventually, so, all you can do is stay patient, at least for about three days. The problem will likely be fixed much before that, and if it doesn’t, we have an answer for that as well, at the bottom.

Case #1: Did you send out too many DMs at once?

If you remember what we discussed earlier, you’d know how the Couldn’t Create Thread occurs in the DMs section. Its most obvious link, therefore, is with the DMs. The main reason behind this error is suspicious activity. In other words, too many DMs are sent within a short span of time.

So, did you do such a thing? Perhaps it was an invite to a party, or you were forwarding your first reel to friends; whatever it was, if it was one too many, then that’s what has caused the Couldn’t Create Thread error.

How to fix this? In this case, there is a genuine cause which is why you just need to wait it out.

Case #2: Copy-pasted DMs: Have you been sending those lately?

If you were not sending too many messages at once, perhaps some of your recent messages were copy-pasted. When the same content of a message is forwarded multiple times, the Instagram bot sees it as spam.

This is another possibility why you might have received the Couldn’t Create Thread error notification in your DMs. The solution here, much like above, is to sit out the whole thing.

Case #3: Are you using a bot for sending automated messages?

Using a bot is not as big a deal today as it was back in time. After all, there’s a large crowd of businesses, creators, and communities out there seeking to maintain an active social presence. And in order to maintain all that, some part needs to be automated.

If you’re using a bot for messaging, it is another reason why you’re facing the Couldn’t Create Thread error. If you wish to avoid this problem, you should look for a third-party tool that is partnered with Instagram.

Case #4: Instagram’s servers could be down

The last possibility behind the appearance of Couldn’t Create Thread error on your Instagram is that the Instagram server is down. This kind of error is more regional and more common, and there’s a sure-shot way to rule its possibility out as well. Just visit DownDetector and check if the problem is at their end.

Did none of the above fixes work? Get in touch with Instagram Support Team

If you’ve tried all of the fixes recommended above and are still blocked out of your DMs, perhaps it’s time to get in touch with Instagram. Their Support Team will easily solve this problem for you; all you need to do is tell them about it.

You can reach out to the Instagram Support Team by going to your Settings, selecting Help, and reporting your problem to them in detail. If you wish, you could also attach some screenshots to support your cause.

Their team usually reverts within 1-3 days. Alternatively, you could also mail them at or call them at 650-543-4800.

To sum it up

As we approach the end of our blog, let’s summarize all that we learned today. The Couldn’t Create Thread error, which is becoming increasingly common on Instagram these days, is a DMs error that occurs upon the detection of unusual activity from a particular user’s end. To look into the matters, their team investigates their messages to ensure nothing fishy goes on.

Above, we’ve provided multiple possibilities behind your facing this error and how to deal with them. Were we able to help you? Tell us in the comments below.

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