Can’t Deselect Any Top Artists When Featuring Spotify on Profile? Try This

You probably already know this, but we’ll say it anyway: Online dating is hard.

Not that dating has ever been as easy as chewing a date. But things become trickier when the only bases you have for “swiping right” are a few pictures and a handful of other information on your Tinder screen. Talk about shooting arrows in the dark—that’s often what online dating seems like. (No, it doesn’t help if they’re Cupid’s arrows.)

can't deselect any top artists when featuring spotify on profile try this

The challenge is not really in finding a match; that’s the easy part. The real crux is finding the right one, and that’s where things go awry. The reason? The same old song of compatibility and mutual interests: It’s rare to find someone you can vibe well with (and for long).

Tinder knows better, and that’s likely why it lets you add your Top Spotify Artists to your Tinder profile. After all, nothing vibes like good music! Once you find someone with the same music taste as yours, it instantly becomes much easier to break the ice.

Now, here is a twist. Imagine you swipe right, get matched with someone, and are pumped up because they have that rare blend of top artists you love. But just as you start talking about those artists, you find out that their Top Artists were displayed wrongly, and they don’t even listen to the ones you love. What a bummer would that be!

We know you don’t want such bummers, so we have your back. Read this blog to know why Tinder messes up with your top artists and how you can clear this mess.

Can’t deselect any Top Artists when featuring Spotify on Tinder profile? Try this:

If you care about your music taste and the impression it can make on someone, we understand how eager you must be to deselect the artists that are wrongly appearing among your top artists on Tinder. So, let’s get right into the fixes without beating around the bush.

NOTE: Before trying out these solutions, ensure that your Tinder and Spotify apps are updated to the latest version.

Solution 1: Disconnect Spotify from Tinder, then reconnect

Disconnecting your Spotify is the first step you must take to fix the issue of the wrong Top Artists list. If the problem is due to a minor glitch, this step can help solve the problem once you connect your Spotify again.

Follow these steps to disconnect Spotify from Tinder:

Step 1: Open Tinder and go to the Profile tab.

Step 2: Select the Edit Info button beside your profile picture.

Step 3: Scroll through the options on the Edit Info screen until you find the My Top Spotify Artists subhead. Tap on it to view the artists on your profile.

Step 4: Hit the Disconnect button in the screen’s upper-right corner, then confirm the action if prompted.

Step 5: Once your Spotify is disconnected, close and reopen the Tinder app and connect your Spotify again.

Solution 2: Clear Tinder’s app data

If the first solution fails to correct your Top Spotify Artists list on Tinder, it likely suggests a deeper issue with Tinder, such as a bug.

To get rid of these bugs on your Android phone, you can clear your Tinder app’s saved data. Go to Settings > Applications to see a list of installed apps. Go through the list and tap on Tinder to arrive at the App Info screen. Then, go to the Storage section and tap on Clear Data.

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