Best Answers to “Why Are You So Amazing?”

You know those times when someone compliments you, and you instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside? Why are you so amazing? is a question someone asks you with sincerity radiating from them. Well, as soon as you hear it, a wave of emotions will rush over you. Of course, it’s a question, but you must have done something “amazing” to get it!

best answers to why are you so amazing

Many of us find it plain awkward to get compliments, but you need to think hard to come up with an appropriate response! Imagine remaining silent with rosy cheeks. Sadly, your blush cannot express how happy that compliment made you always!

It is time to respond and think of the best ways to repay this praise. But how do you do that? We will lead you to the best answers the next time someone says why are you so amazing!

Best Answers to “Why Are You So Amazing?”

Compliments know no gender, and that’s the truth. So, you can have a man admire you for your multitasking skills at work or home and say, Why are you so amazing? We also have girls complimenting along the same lines when you do something that amazes them.

Regardless of who compliments you, remember that they are expressions of appreciation and encouragement. Let’s discuss the many replies you may think of in more detail.

Who is complimenting you?

Why do we say this? Well, realizing who is saying these compliments to you shapes your response, isn’t it? It provides depth to your replies, so knowing where it’s coming from is important.

Are they your best friend or someone who’s a colleague at work? Perhaps it’s your significant other or a child who looks at you in complete awe! Sometimes, a stranger can catch you in a random act of kindness and tell you how amazing you are!

We want you to pay attention to these details since everyone who compliments you brings something special with them and encourages you to feel unique. Besides, it helps in coming up with the best replies, too!

How? Let’s see an example! You will aim to respond to your colleague and child differently when their compliments are the same!

While a Thank you, you too sounds like a sufficient answer to a coworker, it is just plain dull to a child. You should speak to them in a childlike tone, coo at them, and say things like Aww, you’re the amazing one here, sweetie! See the difference? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

Return the kindness

Though receiving compliments is all about you, don’t you believe it also says something about the person giving them? Someone asking why you are so amazing can brighten up even your dullest days.

Whether speaking to a close friend or a stranger, you would know whether they truly meant what they said. Therefore, we think it is only proper to repay this lovely act of giving.

When you return the kindness, you essentially acknowledge their comments and let them know that you value what they say. However, if it has made a difference to your day, it’s time you do a little bit for them, too!

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