How to Remove Account Warning on TikTok (Updated 2023)

TikTok is an app you either don’t use at all or use addictively. It is one of those apps that can really make you realize that time flies. Whether you use TikTok as a creator of short videos or as someone who loves watching those videos doesn’t matter. Once you step into this virtual world of short videos, you cannot turn your back on it so easily. The app is addictive and has managed to settle deep into our habits.

account warning on tiktok

If you love using TikTok as a creator, viewer, or both, nothing can be scarier than seeing the Account Warning message on your TikTok account.

Seeing the Account Warning notice on your account is enough to make you worry about the future (of your TikTok account), as the notice explicitly warns that your account can be suspended soon. What happens now?

The Account Warning notice might seem a bit scary at first glance, and you might feel puzzled and worried simultaneously. But, in reality, there is no need to worry if you follow some simple steps while using TikTok. With these steps, you can easily eliminate this message and any danger it might cause.

Let’s talk about the various measures you can take to get rid of the Account Warning notice from your TikTok account and avoid it in the future.

How to Remove Account Warning on TikTok

Case 1: You have violated the Community Guidelines multiple times

TikTok cares about its Community Guidelines more than you think and is quick to remove content that can adversely affect the platform’s environment in any way.

If your videos or comments violate any guideline and come to the notice of TikTok’s moderation team, they are immediately removed from the platform, and you get a notification about the same. Each of these individual episodes of violations is recorded and continuously analyzed by the team.

If an account is observed to have made multiple violations in a short period, the account is then marked, and an Account Warning is sent to the account.

The Problem: You have made multiple violations from your TikTok account in a short period, due to which you are at the risk of getting restricted or even blocked if you violate the Guidelines once more. In other words, you stand at the threshold.

The Solution: Since you have already violated the Community Guidelines multiple times, you cannot do anything to reverse those violations. The only solution, therefore, is to avoid violating the Guidelines in the future. But, wait. What are the guidelines you need to follow?

The following points cover the most important guidelines, which are also the most violated guidelines. Avoid the following while using TikTok moving forward:

Uploading violent or graphic content: A safe and supportive environment is something that every social media platform strives to promote. TikTok is no exception. The platform ensures that content uploaded on its platform conforms to its guidelines on violent and graphic content. Any video that depicts and promotes excessive violence and disturbing activity is strictly prohibited.

Hateful behavior: Hate never does any good to anyone. Therefore, any hateful video or comment targeted toward any person, group of persons, community, or organization is not tolerated under any circumstances. You should, therefore, take utmost care while posting or commenting to avoid spreading hate of any kind.

Uploading content depicting minors’ exploitation: A large proportion of TikTok users are minors– people under the age of 18. To protect the interests and rights of minors who do or do not use the platform, TikTok has many strict norms in place against the physical, mental, or sexual exploitation of minors.

Any video depicting, promoting, or glorifying any exploitation of minors is not allowed. You can read the guidelines in detail by following this link.

Uploading inappropriate content: Content quality is not limited to just minors. You must upload and share videos keeping the interest of the whole TikTok community in mind. Content containing adult material is destined to be removed and shall lead to a violation. Avoid uploading such content in the future.

Harassment and Bullying: As mentioned earlier, a supportive and friendly environment is what TikTok strives to ensure. As such, every user is required to be friendly and polite towards everyone. Uploading any video that tends to bully and harass anyone might lead to the video getting removed and your account getting a warning. So, spread love, and stay friendly.

The above points cover only the most common reasons for the Account Warning notice on your TikTok account. However, they don’t cover all the guidelines.

To read the community guidelines in detail, follow this link:

To sum up, if you have violated the Community Guidelines multiple times and are now worried about the Account Warning message and its implications, the key to remaining out of trouble is to be a bit more aware and careful of what you record and upload, share, and comment. Follow these steps, and you’ll be fine.

Case 2: You Think it’s a Technical Glitch

If you have violated the Community Guidelines, you need to be more careful. But, if you know that you have not violated any guidelines, it feels pretty confusing to see the Account Warning notice on your account. It makes no sense to be called out for something you have not done, right?

Well, you don’t need to worry when we have got your back! And dealing with the warning becomes even simpler when there is no real reason behind the warning. In other words, the solution, in this case, is much easier and straightforward.

The Problem

You have made zero or just a few violations recently, due to which you think the warning is nothing more than a bug.

The Solution

Since the warning is merely a bug, all you need to do is contact TikTok and inform them about it. The team will then check for any violations from your account. They will analyze the violation frequency and then decide if the warning message is a mistake or a valid warning.

Follow these steps to report the bug to TikTok:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the Profile tab– the rightmost tab at the bottom panel. You will see the Account Warning message below your username. Take a screenshot of the screen.

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