Why Isn’t My Flash Working on Snapchat?

If you are an active Snapchatter, it’s almost certain that you use Snapchat mainly to capture beautifully filtered pictures or chat with friends. That’s not surprising as these two features are indeed the two most important features of Snapchat. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to say that photos are even more important than messaging, as many of us use the app solely for clicking decent selfies. Thanks to Snapchat’s amazing collection of filters; every photo gets a great look no matter how good or bad you are at photography.

why isn’t my flash working on snapchat

However, even filters won’t work if there is not enough lighting in the place and your flash is not working.

While the former situation is not something you can fix, the latter seems more concerning. Flashlights help a lot in capturing good photos, especially when natural light isn’t available. Therefore, if your camera’s flash isn’t working on Snapchat, we know how problematic it can get.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. Read on to learn why your flash might not work on Snapchat and the possible ways to fix this issue.

Why Isn’t My Flash Working on Snapchat?

Snaps are as integral to Snapchat as messages are. Moreover, Snapchat’s pictures and videos have a beauty of their own.

However, no matter how great the filter or how interactive and unique the lenses and effects are, the importance of a flash cannot be undermined. A flash is important in low-light conditions as it can help you take good images even without natural light.

As such, a non-working flash on Snapchat can make it difficult to take snap-worthy photos. It can be a real pain in the app, which needs to be gotten rid of. However, you can’t fix this issue unless you know what’s causing it. So, let’s first discuss that.

Flash not working on Snapchat? Here’s why:

If you notice that your flash is not working on Snapchat, you first need to find out whether the issue is specific to Snapchat. Is your flash having issues only on Snapchat? Or does the issue also persist in your phone’s normal Camera app?

In the former case, which is also the most common, the issue is with the Snapchat app. Certain temporary glitches or bugs can cause the app to behave abnormally, and a non-working flash is a common symptom. Fixing the issue, in this case, means getting rid of the bug.

However, if the flash doesn’t work on any app, it indicates a more serious software or hardware issue in your phone. Therefore, debugging Snapchat alone won’t work.

How to fix the flash issue on Snapchat?

Whatever the reason for the flashlight issue on Snapchat, you would want to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Therefore, to help you fix this issue quickly, we dug deep into the crevices of the internet and found multiple ways that have helped many users solve this issue. In the following lines, we will discuss some possible fixes to make your flash start working again.

Let’s start.

Fix #1: Clear Snapchat’s data

No, we aren’t telling you to delete the images, videos, or other media files you have received on Snapchat. You just need to clear the app data of Snapchat.

Deleting Snapchat’s app data will log you out of your Snapchat account and delete any saved pieces of information, such as login info or other saved app settings. Therefore, deleting the data can help clear the bug as well.

Here’s how you can clear the app data:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s app grid or menu– the place where you find all the apps.

Step 2: Tap and hold on Snapchat until a pop-up appears. Tap on App Info on the pop. You might see an “i” icon on some phones instead of the App Info option.

Step 3: Tapping on that option will take you to Snapchat’s App info screen.

Step 4: On the App Info screen, go to Storage and tap on Clear Data. Confirm the action on the pop-up that appears.

Now, log into your Snapchat account again and see if the issue is resolved.

Fix #2: Reboot your phone

If clearing the app data doesn’t solve the issue, you can try rebooting your phone. You can restart your phone as usual or manually turn your phone off and on.

Restarting your device may help eliminate any minor bugs in your phone’s operating system that might be causing this problem. Moreover, it can also help reset Snapchat’s settings. Therefore, you can try this method and see if it helps.

Fix #3: Uninstall and reinstall Snapchat

Another way to get your flashlight back to work is by uninstalling Snapchat from your phone and reinstalling it again from the Play Store.

This method would help you in two ways. Uninstalling will delete the Snapchat app, the app’s saved data, and app settings. And installing the latest version again from the Play Store will make your Snapchat up to date. The update will help remove several minor bugs.

This way, you are in a way updating your app to the latest version while also getting rid of the outdated app and its bugs. You should try this method, especially if you haven’t updated your Snapchat app for a long time.

In the end

Capturing beautiful moments on Snapchat requires a good camera, great filters and lenses, and a working flashlight. Therefore, if your flashlight is not working on Snapchat, you know you have a problem.

In this blog, we discussed why your flash might not be working on Snapchat and how you can fix this issue. We discussed three different ways that can serve as possible solutions to the problem. Depending on the underlying cause of the issue, these fixes will help your flash start working again.

If you have any additional queries regarding the issue, you can drop your comments below, and we will be happy to assist. If you like this blog, share it with your friends who might be facing this issue.

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