Whatsapp Link Generator 2020

Whatsapp Link Generator: If you are an active Whatsapp user, then you must have noticed the Whatsapp Group Link feature by now. Well, Whatsapp links are used to invite people to join a Whatsapp group.

It is mainly popular among commercial groups that plan on expanding their business by getting their brand the best possible exposure.

Users can send this link to as many people as they want. Once the recipient clicks on this link, they will be added to your contact. You can initiate a conversation with them.

This feature is extremely useful for users who would like to add new people to their contact list without having to save their contact numbers. It streamlines the communication process.

whatsapp link generator

Although Whatsapp has an in-built feature that enables users to create a link that could be used to invite people to your Whatsapp chat, it is a bit lengthy and time-consuming process.

You should rather opt for a direct and straightforward tool that can generate your custom Whatsapp link in one click.

Whatsapp Link Generator

Whatsapp Link Generator by iStaunch is designed to help people generate custom Whatsapp link in the easiest possible way.

All you need to do is type your phone number, write a custom message you’d like to send to the users along with the link, and click on the ‘Generate Whatsapp Link’ option.

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The best part is you can create a custom link with your brand name in the URL.

Once you have generated the link, copy it from the website and send it to your friends on social media websites and emails. You can share the custom Whatsapp link anywhere you want.

You can even add it to your Instagram bio or Tweets to gain maximum exposure.

Every time a user clicks on the link, they will get added to your Whatsapp chat. You will be able to interact with them without having to ask for their contact numbers.

So far, this is the best method to attract a large number of people to your Whatsapp group and grow your business.

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