What does “Use Not found” mean on Instagram?

If you are a regular user of Instagram, then you must have encountered the error message “User Not Found” at some point. Most people link this message to the fact that they have gotten blocked by the person they are trying to search on Instagram.

user not found

However, that isn’t the case. There can be many reasons why you must be facing this error. Let’s get into the detail of this error and the ways you can fix it.

Changed Username

The most common reason why Instagram shows a “User Not Found” error is that the user you are trying to search must have changed their username. Perhaps, they have altered the entire name. If that is the case, you will see this error message right on top of the Instagram profile page. It mainly happens when you click on the person’s username from an old picture, which leads you to a page where the error message is displayed on top.

You are going to have to browse their real name in order to find out their Instagram profile. Alternatively, you can try a couple of names you think they must have used. Type these names in the Instagram search bar to see if their profile shows up in the search results.

Mistyped Username

The admin can post a picture with a bunch of people with their usernames mentioned in the caption. They could also tag the people in the photograph. However, people can mistype the username.

There is a chance the admin has tagged the wrong person or mentioned the wrong username. If you click on the wrong username, you will be redirected to a page with a “User Not Found” error. This happens when the admin makes spelling errors when mentioning the username.