What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

YouTube is such an easy way to look for something or learn something. With so many tutorials and videos that go up on YouTube, it has become the most sought-after option for video streaming, surfing, and now even downloading. The platform features videos on any given subject and there is almost everything under the sub available there. From educational videos to movies, songs, DIY, make-up tutorial, dressing up tutorials, you name it and there you have it. YouTube has managed to single-handedly disrupt the entire video viewing experience that is available to us.

what does ft mean on youtube

We all have come across the word ‘Ft.’ while scrolling through various videos on YouTube. Essentially Ft. means featuring.

But you need to look carefully if ft is written with a dot or without it. Ft.with a dot means featuring and ft without a dot means foot. It is a unit of measurement and is usually meant to denote feet or something like that.

What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

Ft. as we have already mentioned means featuring. Typically this term is used in music videos and it is not uncommon for us to come across a title that denotes the usage of this term. The name that comes at the start of a music video belongs the main artist of the song and the name that comes after the word ft. represents the artist with which the main artist has collaborated. It ideally means that the name that appears after ft. belongs to the person who has been invited to be a part of the video.

Let us explain this to you with an example. If John has decided to come up with a song and he has decided to invite Paul to be a part of the song as well. John is the main artist in the song and Paul has been invited to be a part of it. Then name or title that you will see at the start of your music video will be John ft. Paul. It simply denotes that John has invited Paul to be a part of his music video and eventually released the video on Youtube or any other portal.

There might also be an instance where ft is present in the title of a video without a dot. When ft is present in the title of a video without a dot, then it simply means that the video might have to do something with measurements or something related to it. The use of ft in the title of a video on Youtube is uncommon but definitely not impossible. It all has to do with the topic and theme of the video.

Coming back to ft. It is not necessary that ft. will only be used to represent music videos. It can be used in any kind of video that involves the participation invitation of a different artist or collaborator. There are so many tutorials, DIY, even make-up videos that involve the usage if the word ft. in their titles. Let me give you an example.

If Mary decides to do an interview with Lara then she will have to invite her for the interview. In this case, the title of the video will read something like Mary ft. Lara. At times people invite people with specialized knowledge to guide people especially about a given subject. In that case, too the title of the video will feature ft. before the name of the person who has been invited to share their specialized knowledge with the viewers of the video.

Ft. can also be used interchangeably with feat. and this word too means featuring. This is also used in the title of a video where an artist collaborates with another artist by invitation to present his work to the people. This can be done in the form of a music video or tutorial video or any other kind of informational video too. What needs to be kept in mind here is a fact that feat. with a dot means featuring and feat without a dot feat as in an achievement. Feat without a dot is used to denote an accomplishment for example, Tony has accomplished a remarkable feat by scoring 100 percent in his LSATs. This is how feat without a dot can be used in a sentence and typically the use of this word on Youtube has everything to do with the content and theme of the video.


It is very common to find the word ft. in a YouTube video and therefore the above-mentioned pointers can be used to perfectly elucidate the meaning and significance of its appearance in the video. When ft. is used in any other way like without a dot or in the form of a word like feat than the meaning of the same changes but it is not uncommon to find these words on Youtube.

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