Download Via Browser for PC (Windows and Mac)

Via browser is an app developed by Lakor to make the browsing experience simple and super fast for users. Yes, unlike all other browsers available by different competitors out there, Lakor has built up a Via browser with a more simplified UI that is having a user-friendly interface and functionalities

The browser offers a smooth navigation of interface and lightning-fast loading of any surfed pages. It requires relatively much less space, RAM on your device than any other browser and is also less energy consuming browser.

via browser for pc

It offers 3 different types of User Interface – Fruity, Colorful & Transparent to make your homepage as your mood and wish. As the developer says this browser is designed on geek thinking to make hard things simple and faster for best and brilliant Surfing experience. The browser is quiet and so pleasant as it is not having any feeds or splash while you are on it.

Users can also use some of the amazing tools of Via like UA switch, desktop mode and so on.

Now here comes the doubt, why one should use a Via browser? So the answer is here:

We can not think of surfing on the internet without any browser when we have many options to choose from like; chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, and so on. But Via is offering cool and trendy features that are more attractive and very easy to use and work with.

Features or benefits of Via are:

  1. App Size – It needs only 900 kb space on your device isn’t amazing. So this will make your device work as smoothly and fast as if it’s a new one.
  2. User Interface – As mentioned above, it is very simple, customizable and provides fresh and stylish UI options.
  3. Theme – Via gives the facility to use images from your image gallery to set it as your browser theme. Or if you are an HTML developer you can create Via Logo or home for you and set it there to enjoy watching your own designed Via logo and homepage.
  4. Ad Blocker – its default feature of efficient Ad-block allows you to visit your favorite website without any ads be it a javascript ad or banner ad or Google Adsense ad. It blocks them all for you.
  5. Add on Plugins: Via offers numerous plugins like; Download manager, QR Scanner, Night Mode, Traffic Saving, Sync Bookmark and setting, Prevent being tracked and much more.
  6. Gesture – Handle your app comfortably with options like; Pull to refresh the page, Back forward, use volume key to scroll.
  7. User Agent – There are 6 different types of desktop sites (user agent) you can use..
  8. Default of Via Browser, 2. Chrome (for PC), 3. IE 11 (for PC), 4. Safari (for iPhone),
  9. Nokia Browser 6. None of these then you can customize one for you.
  10. Auto Action Color – This feature uses the default color theme of the page or app you are surfing.

Wondering how you can use this amazing browser on your PC. It’s easy… You can download it on your pc using an Android Emulator. Like; Andyroid or Bluestacks.

If you are going to use Bluestacks, follow these simple steps :

  1. Download and Install Bluestack to your PC.
  2. Once the installation is done, start the emulator and then sign in to Google Play Store and search for Via Browser Download.
  3. Install Via Browser and start using it to experience the smoothest and fastest browser with plenty of amazing features.

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