Download Toonmania for PC Windows 10/8/7 (FREE)

Toonmania is an android application developed for entertainment by watching your childhood times cartoons shows or series online again. You can watch all your favorite anime or cartoon movies or shows from over thousands plus available lists. It allows you to choose the desired quality like 480p or 720p for your video entertainment that depends on your internet data and the storage available on your device.

toonmania for pc

The user interface is very user friendly and easy to use. The navigation bar that is given on the left is loaded with the list of all the older or newer available shows and that too with a facility to filter by popularity or by alphabetical order. It also gives you the option to watch your favorite show or movie with streaming or by downloading the same into your pc or device in which you have downloaded the app.

To bring back your childhood memories of watching cartoons or anime shows, Toonmania is a fantastic option to go with. One can use Toonmania’s list of movies or episodes by saving them into the Chromecast device if you have it. So that you can watch it at your convenient time or place with full fun and enjoyment.

 Why Toonmania is so loved:

  1. It has tons of rare and hard to find cartoon and anime movies and shows
  2. A very user friendly interface
  3. Excellent Search and filter facility to find your favorite one
  4. Amazing features like; add to favorite, check out the history for all past views, download the favorite collection on your device.
  5. A crazy shout outbox that is its chat mania service using which you can chat and recommend the other anime or cartoon lovers like you.
  6. It keeps on adding and updating its list of movies and shows with older and latest ones.

How to use Toonmania on your windows PC?

Yes, you can get access to this amazing app on your windows-based PC.

Wondering how!! Here are the options to do so.

Access the Android app on your chrome browser – Google has developed an OS on chrome that will support and run android apps on your pc just by adding an exclusive unpacked extension of chrome named ARChon. For that, your PC should have a 64-Bit system.

You need to install ARChon run-time on chrome after that you need to install another extension named Modified Android App on chrome because android apps can not be directly installed on chrome for that some modifications are required to be done in the apk file of the app you wish to run.

Once you have a successful installation of these two extensions you can launch any android app on your chrome.

The other option is by installing an android emulator on your PC – like android or Bluestacks. Follow the instruction to run the setup file of the emulator. Once the installation is completed successfully you need to sign in to your Google account as it is required to use the play store. Search for Toonmania and download the app.

Access the app and start enjoying your favorite anime/cartoon series, shows, and movies.