Tips For Project Managers To Stay Organized And Manage Work Better

Project managers are probably the most stressed out people in any company. This is because they have to lead a team of diverse people, and push them to work to the best of their abilities. It may be easy motivating yourself to give your best at work everyday, but getting others to do it requires a certain set of skills.

manage work better

First of all you must practice what you preach. It is important to have a good hold on your schedule in order to juggle various aspects of a project, and sometimes various projects. Thankfully there are various tech tools that assist managers stay organized. Moreover, there are tools that help managers execute their responsibilities more efficiently.

One such tool is a Learning Management System(LMS). With the market getting more competitive than ever, a LMS software has become a necessity to deliver training digitally to employees. Being a cloud-based platform, it enables you to execute, manage and track training courses that help employees advance in their careers.

Just like this, there are plenty other ways for project managers to manage work better. Here are X tips to help them stay organized and maximize their productivity:

1. Keep Track of Everything You Need to Accomplish

Sounds pretty simple, right? Although it is quite easy to note down all the tasks you need to do in a day, a lot of project managers feel it is insignificant. But this small activity is really powerful in helping you stay on top of everything.

Firstly, it prevents you from forgetting any important activity or detail since you have everything written down. Secondly, it prevents you from the burnout that occurs due to forcing yourself to keep a mental checklist of everything. Additionally, having a list allows you to prioritize what’s important and give it your full attention.

2. Learn How to Delegate

Managers need to be proficient in soft skills to be able to work in collaboration with a team. This means learning how to delegate tasks to the correct person. This requires the understanding of every team member’s abilities and the best way to approach them.

When you clearly explain a team member what you’re entrusting them with, and do it in the best possible way it eliminates the chances of any misunderstanding. This will ensure they have all the information to do their job well, which helps in keeping the team productive.

3. Keep Reviewing Your Progress

You plan, you delegate work, and you get it done. That’s how it usually works, but there are various elements involved that could be slowly hindering your productivity. This makes it crucial to keep reviewing your own progress and see how things are panning out.

This will help you understand the efficiency of your way of work, and help you understand what is benefitting you and what’s not. It is important to engage your team as well for the project review process so you can get insights on things that may have slipped your mind.

4. Always Include Slack Time

We all have this perfect vision of the end of a project, but it rarely is that perfect. Issues arise, employees leave the project, timelines get pushed, etc. But when you anticipate issues and keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances can occur, it becomes easy to stay on track.

Managers who deliberately add buffer time to their project timelines are able to better organize work without getting stressed. But it is important to understand that this is only for managing work better, and not to induce the idea in your team that it’s okay to procrastinate.


Whether you are a first-time manager or have years of experience, there will always be a lot on your plate. Following the above-mentioned tips will help you stay on top of your game despite having multiple things to manage.

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